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Are certified translation professionals needed?

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

Certified translation professionals are needed whenever you have to deal with official document translation. Approaching a certified translation professional might look like a useless step, especially if resources are uncomfortable and your process is running. Though, establishing a long-term partnership with a professional translation early on can assist you to avoid several deadfalls and provide you the advantage over your competition.

Certified translation professional good for your business?

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When do you need a certified translation professional?

The translation work goes through a precise process to ensure that the translation is correct and in the same format as the first before it could be certified. In most instances, it is better to have your certified translation prepared by a professional.

There are several cases where a certified translation professional is needed, such as:

Legal Situations

Certificate translation service  are almost always needed for legal paperwork, such as documentation used in lawsuits or hearings. Generally, certified translations are needed for legal paperwork, such as papers used in court hearings or cases, including any proof or trial record that is in another language. As long as a text has to be submitted to the court or a legal body, the translations should be certified. When it comes to something that has to be presented to a legal or government agency, it’s likely that certified translation professional will be needed.


Immigration is also a critical area that nearly always requires a certified translation. If you are appealing for a residency or a temporary visitor’s license in a foreign country, it will likely demand that all documents be submitted in the country’s formal language and that translations of these documents be certified. This is where a certified translation professional can be very handy.

These documents can include:

    birth certificates

    marriage certificates

    driver’s licenses


College Applications

If you want to study in a foreign college or university, they also often require that your records, diplomas and other certificates related to your study in your home country should be translated and certified.

Depending on the school’s record policies, you may be asked to submit the original class report along with a certified translation. It’s always good to verify what official document translation is required before submitting them.

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Business and Corporate Dealings

Globalization opens new opportunities for businesses across the globe to race in the international business field. To promote the processing of business applications in foreign countries, it is essential to provide certified translations of corporate and marketing documents.

Certified translation professional ensures that the level of care to detail that has gone into making those associations is also applied to the written documents used to build the relationship. They help to avoid confusions and complexities on all sides of a transaction.

At the same time, businesses hiring foreign staff members as well as associates and agents may need the submission of certified translations of particular documents, including visas, bank statements, passports, and medical records.

Documents that may require certified translation include:

    financial reports


    patent filings

Working with a professional translation company means that every aspect of your business is covered. At Certified Translation, we operate around the clock every day of the year so that you won’t miss your deadline. In our team we have many certified translation professional employees ready to help!


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