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A certified translator or a translation agency, who can help me?

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2023)

Suppose you need translation for immigration in theU.S. In that case, you may be wondering if you’d need the services of a certified translator or if you can use a translation agency to translate and certify your documents.

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What is a certified translator?

Every country has a different meaning of who can be called a certified translator. In the United States, a certified translator has passed the requisite certification exam set by a professional translation organization such as the American Translator Association (“ATA”). Though it helps to be certified, they are not the only ones that can perform certified translations. It is not required by law in the United States to be accredited before you can be a translator. U.S. authorities such as the Immigration Services and United States Citizenship describe a certified translation as a translation where a translator attests to being competent to translate and that the translation is accurate, not indicating that you must be a certified linguist.

Most countries like Venezuela, Belgium, Argentina, and Brazil that don’t practice common law have a different definition for a certified translator. Only a public sworn translator can translate official documents. Like in Belgium, a sworn translator swears an oath before the President of the Court of First Instance of the judicial district in which they have their place of residence. In Brazil, they are also accredited and certified by the registry of commerce of each state.

Can a translation agency do a certified translation?

A translation agency is an organization that provides translation and manages its clients’ translation projects. Some translation agencies outsource all their translation work; they source for freelancers serving as the middleman between the person who wants a translation and the translator. They sometimes call themselves Language Providers or Localization Specialists.

Some other companies have in-house translators who are highly specialized in their work and can provide the highest quality translations. For instance, we are a certified translation company in New York working with in-house linguists and offering the best prices on the market.

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A certified translator and a translation agency can help you solve your translation problem. Since a translation company still requires the service of a translator but provides faster and better services, you should seek the help of a company. These will give you peace of mind that the translation is good, and you may save time and money.

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