change name on birth certificate

How to change name on birth certificate

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

Do you want to change name on birth certificate? Well, that is a serious matter, my friend. Changing your name on your birth certificate involves a special procedure that is carried through a courthouse! Certified Translation is here to spill the beans, get ready, here it goes!!!

Change name on birth certificate

For a piece of paper that was carelessly scribbled by a nurse, this little piece of document is mighty important. Your birth certificate can only be tempered with after you have gotten the right permission from the legal system. Only a judge can give his consent for changing the name you were given at birth!

Following are the steps that you take to change name on birth certificate!

petition for name change

Info Gathering

You will go to the website of your local courthouse and see all the details that are provided regarding the procedure, the room you have to go to, timings and court appointments among other things.

Filling Petition!

Now you will file the petition at the courthouse! You will get the forms from the courthouse from a clerk. Read the forms there and ask the clerk any questions that you have. The clerk will also give you a date and time on which you will appear in front of a judge and file the petition.

Your Visit To The Court

You are in front of the judge, you will have a strong urge to take a selfie, control it and keep it down! Now the judge will ask you why you want to get your name changed. You will tell them the reason. Keep your reason conforming and simple and stay away from identity rants. Let’s not test the courthouse. The judge will, hopefully, grant the request. You will request an extra certified copy of the cleared petition at this time. A certified copy is one with the judge’s own signature as well as the official seal of the state.

Vital Records

Certified Translations has seen that every State has its own department of vital records. You will find the one in your own State and get in touch with them. They will give you a form or an application for changing the name on your birth certificate. You will fill that form and add the new name that the judge has just approved for you to take. If they do not have a form, then you will write a letter to them stating your petition, your old name on the birth certificate and the new name that the judge has approved along with your identification details. If there is a fee, you will pay it, but many times, there isn’t any!

new birth certificate

Submitting The Application

Now that you have made the letter or application, you will attach a copy of your original birth certificate and attach it. If there is a fee, make a check or money order that you will submit to the office. You will submit the letter to their office with the certified copy of the petition that you just got from the courthouse, the pay order and the original birth certificate. Mail this file to the postal address of vital records!

Getting The New Birth Certificate

You will get the new birth certificate in a week or two. Certified Translations will advise you to call the vital records department if you do not get it in a week. It could be that your file did not get to them. It could also be that they have a lot of applications (not very common!) and they haven’t been able to get to yours.

Now you managed to change name on birth certificate! Congratulations!

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