Expats can change their civil status

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2023)

You would be lying if you said you don’t have a favorite celebrity whom you follow on every social media platform. The younger generations of today grew up watching movies of wizards and superheroes. It is natural to have favorites when you saw them on the screen regularly in your childhood. Many people run fan accounts on different social media websites and spend all of their free time gathering pictures of their favorite celebrity. They even get into fights with people who say something against their idol. But following the lives of such people closely also makes us realize how difficult things can get for them. They can’t go anywhere without paparazzies following them. None of us can imagine a life like that with zero privacy.

But the worst thing that can happen to famous people is when someone spreads a rumor about them that tabloids pick up. Once its out in the open, no one can take it back. Even if they somehow prove that the rumor wasn’t true, few people will always believe in that tabloid article and never let the celebrity forget about it either. None of us would like it if something incorrect about us was spread around and everyone believed it. People can’t even tolerate simple things being misquoted, like someone spelling or pronouncing their name incorrectly.

Since people don’t want to be associated with something they are not and don’t like it when someone tries to change their reality, they spend a lot of time and effort in getting their personal documents fixed when there has been a mistake. Sure, in order to keep their documents legal, people have to make sure they contain all the right information. But even if that wasn’t the issue, none of us would have wanted to have a birth certificate that had an incorrect date of birth or a government record with a wrong civil status.


Civil Status and Changing It:

Civil status is what tells the government about your family like are you single or divorced. It also includes information like kids and dependents. Marriages fail all the time and as long as you can start again, there is nothing to worry about. However, you will have to get your civil status changed if you get divorced, and also if you got married. But getting it changed in the official records is not as simple as the way it is on Facebook. You can’t just click a button and the right word will appear on your documents. The real-life procedure is a bit lengthier than that and will require you to be patient as the officials update your information in their database.

Expats Who Want to Change their Civil Status, Do I Need to Have a Certified Translation?

People move to different countries and never look back. But there are a few things they will have to take care of to make their stay in a foreign country a lot smoother than it is. Changing anything in your personal record when you are an expat is not easy. You will have to submit documents and a lot of information to the government office. However, it isn’t something that can be avoided either. So, expats have to drag themselves to official bodies and explain their problem. Once the lengthy process ends, they can get their information updated in the database.


If an expat’s civil status changes, they will have to get that change registered in the country they are living in. Mostly it happens when they go back home and get married. But in any case, it is important for people to get their civil status changed on paper when it happens in real life too. However, there are many steps to this complicated procedure. There are forms to fill and evidence to provide. The evidence is mostly either the marriage certificate or the divorce certificate. But this evidence sometimes may not be fit for presentation.

When the home country of the expat speaks a language that is not recognized in the state they are living in, their documents will not be in a tongue that can be understood by the checking officers. Therefore, they will have to gather all their important documents and get them translated. But there are some confusions regarding translation too. People wonder if they need a certified translation for their marriage certificate or a regular one will do too. It is worth remembering that whenever you have to submit a document’s translation to a government office, you will always need a certified translation. Its accuracy makes it the favorite of all government institutes. So, if you need to get your civil status changed, you will need a certified translation.

Finding the right professional for handling your documents can be tough if you have no prior experience with such things. You can ask around for recommendations or turn to the internet for help. Once you find someone experienced enough to tackle the project, discuss the rates with them. Proceed only if you are satisfied with the rates because there are plenty of translation agencies and you can choose from some other good names. But when their rate is good and they have good reviews, that is your chance to make the right call and let them handle your documents. All you have to do is let them know that you need a certified translation and then wait for them to finish working on your documents.

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