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How to get your bachelor’s degree translation fast and affordable

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

Are you coming to the US to continue your studies? If you’re from a country where English is not the official language, you will need bachelors degree translation.

If you want to get your bachelors degree translation you can take the following steps

Getting your bachelors degree translation is now easy with Certified Translation. You simply send us a picture of your diploma and we’ll send you our quote. If accepted, you can have your degree translation sent to you in 24 hours or less.

degree certificate translation

How to get your degree certificate translated

When you decide to study abroad or find a job in another country, your credentials help you go through the admission or hiring process. Degree certificates obtained from previous courses are the proof that demonstrates you successfully completed all the necessary steps to earn the degree. It is an invaluable document for academic authorities and potential employers. It is common that such certificates are issued in foreign languages as they come from different countries. Because of this, institutes who evaluate your credentials require a bachelors degree translation to let them complete the evaluation.

But, how to get your degree certificate translated? Fortunately, there is a wide range of translations services available all over the world.

Steps to bachelors degree translation

  • Do some research: You might start through internet as most of translators are announced and they have websites.
  • When selecting a translator consider price, time of delivery and check if translators are certified.
  • Check what services they have available. It is common that translation companies offer additional services such as notarization, certification and more.
  • Get a quote before you approve the order or work.
  • Make sure you clear up what are you planning to use the translation for. Translation services providers have a wide range of experience that could be helpful when deciding what type of work you need to be completed.
  • To order your bachelor’s degree translation it might be enough to send a copy by e-mail to get the certified translation.
  • After you receive the document, review carefully the certified translation to verify the accuracy and that it has the certification note.
  • Services providers should ease the process for you and deliver a high quality translation of your degree.
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Why certified translation is needed?

You plan to immigrate to the US from a foreign country, you plan to go for a vacation, and maybe you are planning to study abroad or to apply for a job out there. All these cases require you to submit the certified translation of your documents. A certified translation is a translation done by a certified translator and statement of accuracy is attached as proof. These translations are usually required when you are supposed to submit the documents to an authority which is linked to the government and even in the court of law.

A certified document shows the validity of a document to some extent. These documents are important when it comes to legal findings and if the documents are needed at government offices. Out efficient services of certified translations are always available for you, around the clock. You might need these documents to be certified urgently, where will you rush too if the time is short.

Certified documents have an importance of their own and it shows that the document is translated to the best of the knowledge of the translator. A certified translator is the one who is fluent and specializes in both the source language and the target language. If planning to immigrate to the US, the certified translation is supposed to be done exactly, according to the rules of USCIS. We know how to deal with USCIS translations and translation for immigration as well.

Bachelor Degree Translation

No matter how many times you had to burn the midnight oil only to acquire your bachelor’s degree. But now that you have it, you need it more than just as a certificate of your accomplishment. There are times when you’ll need to prove your success, your authenticity, your qualification and your identity, all through this single document.

So for all those times, you must stay prepared and get your degree translated. But even if you don’t, let us give you the assurance that we are quick and you can get fast translation of your degree anytime you need it. For every rush situation of yours, Certified Translations is there for you. We want you to confide in us for all your language services without worrying about time, money and type of service.

And most importantly, we want you to remember that your privacy is one of the top most priorities of our company. Your credentials and other details are safe with us. We translate them in accordance with the requirements and the law of the country where you are traveling to. And if your degree must be certified for the job application, we can do that with utmost proficiency.

Contact Certified Translation New York to get your bachelors degree translation at a fair price.

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