certified translation for immigration

Where do I get certified translation for immigration?

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

A certified translation for immigration is a translation accompanied by a note added to any translated document from one language to another by a professional translator; the note must assure that the translator is competent in both languages and that the translation is complete and accurate. It is not difficult to get a certified translation for immigration. The main purpose of requesting certified translations is to ease the work of the reviewer, contribute to avoid forged documents and guarantee the accuracy of the documents.

Where to get certified translation for immigration

As the world has become global, translation services have grown in a significant way and nowadays it is possible to find this type of services in the majority of countries. Translation service providers can be found on the internet as well as translators associations. However, when choosing the best option that fits your needs, it is important to consider some of these aspects.

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The use and destination of the certified documents

Certified translation for immigration is generally requested by government offices, educational institutes, businesses and Law Firms. In any of these cases the documents might have special requirements. It is important to clear up in advance the destination of the document. Some service providers are specialized in some type of documents and others don´t work with certain types.

The quality of the translation

In many cases, the quality of the translation is backed by the reputation of a firm. As many certified translated documents create legally binding records, those who requested this type of documents, need to trust in its accuracy. It is common that service providers announce their experience and how well they are accepted to attract new customers. To verify their reputation you can check the comments in public internet forums or translator associations. You can also verify with the requester of the certified translation if a particular service provider is appropriate for its purposes. For instance, US Embassies have some lists of translation companies available in a particular country. Although these embassies do not guarantee the quality of the service, it is a good indicator of the reputation of the firm.

Budget and turnaround time

It is important to verify in advance if the quote and turnaround times match your needs. Although you might find lower prices and quicker turnaround times, you must evaluate the quality of the work you will receive before you accept.

Getting your translation from freelancers or friends is not a great idea it has to follow the USCIS requirements, otherwise it will be rejected by the immigration officer. So make sure you get exactly what you need.

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Certified translation in New York

If you are in the New York area and need certified translation feel free to give us a call or visit our translation office. Along with your translation we provide you with the guarantee that it will be accepted by the USCIS office. Even if you’re not in New York you can still get a translation from us, at only $20 per page. Your translation will be sent to you in 24 hours by email and it will be perfectly valid as USCIS no longer requires hard copies (although we can send you a hard copy by mail if you want to have it).

Whenever you need certified translation for immigration get in touch with us and we’ll do it for you at the lowest prices and we guarantee USCIS acceptance.

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