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How to get your immigration passport translated, and where

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

Are you wondering how to find the right translation agency to get your immigration passport translation for any plans you have? Did you just visit the immigration website that stated that the translation can be done by anyone? It looked encouraging and you are thinking if you need to go to any translator at all when you need translation for immigration?

Immigration passport translation

Maybe you can do it yourself. Virtually your entire document is written in English anyways except for the logos and agency titles that are in your native language. We get where you are coming from.

why use a translation agency

You have to go to a translation agency!

Why you may ask?! Let us tell you the specifications for the immigration passport translation (or any other personal document which needs certified translation) that is to be submitted to the US immigration office;

  • The translated documents need to have the exact same formatting, designing, logos, signatures, markings, stamps and all other articles as the original documents.
  • The translated document needs to have all the dashes, commas, content, wording, and all other articles just as the source document.
  • If any single word or phrase or marking or any other article in the source document is not legible then the translated document will repeat the marking or the word or the article in the exact same location of the translation as the original document and the translator will circle the spot and write ‘not legible’ on the translated document underneath the circle.
  • The person who translates needs to write a statement stating that the translation is accurate and then will sign the statement with his name and identifying credentials.
  • The passport translation, or any other translation cannot be done by the applicant.

Sounds complicated?!

These are the only five and most common rules that we could come up with from the top of our head. There are many more, very complicated rules that will take up two more pages and will be still more complicated for you.

And now, the unspoken rules!

Oh, this is one of Certified Translation’ favorite! It’s an unofficial rule of the United States Customs and Immigration Services that every translation needs to have been conducted by a professional translator who is proficient in both languages.

Statement / Certificate of Authenticity

The statement that we told you to write is called the ‘Certificate of Authenticity’. It states that the person is responsible for the translation that he has conducted.

Another unspoken rule for you!

The Certificate of Authenticity also asks for the details and credentials of the translator and/or the translation agency. If the translated document is not looking alike the original, it will have very poor credibility in the eyes of the USCIS.

How often do translations that do not follow the ‘unspoken rules’ get rejected?

Often, and we mean this is the primary reasons for a lot of applications to get rejected. Did we say applications? Oh yes, they do not reject just one translation, they might reject the whole translation altogether!

passport translation rules

Are we trying to scare you into contacting a translation agency?!

We wish, but we get an incredibly high number of translation projects and we really do not have any urgent need to covet more. These are very simple, very basic facts of submitting to immigration offices that have to be kept in mind!

And in any case, the part where the translation has to have an identical design, style and all other articles as the original content requires the expertise of a graphic designer.

No kidding! Come to Certified Translation and we will give you the best translation for immigration at very affordable rates. Call now!

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