how to get a Green Card

What Is The Process To Get A Green Card in the US?

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2023)

Are you looking to get a green card and trying to understand the process that you will have to face in order to get one? Green Card is much sought after immigration milestone for the residents of the United States. Millions of individuals apply for the green card every year and those who receive one consider themselves lucky.

How to get a Green Card

We have written this blog to explain the components of the Green Card procedure so that our clients would understand the process on how to get a green card.

Following are the ways you could take to get a Green Card:

  • Sponsorship by an employer
  • Sponsorship by a close family member in the US
  • Diversity Lottery
  • Refugee and Asylum for immigration applicants
  • “The Registry”:
green card procedure

The Green Card Procedure

The procedure to get a Green Card is long and there are many small steps that we are not adding here as they evolve from every case. But the main three steps are as follows:

Immigration Petition

This immigration petition is filed by another person for you. It is either filed by an employer or a family member. An I-130 petition is filed by family and I-140 is filed by an employer.

Immigration Visa Availability

There is a quota for every category of Green Cards and only a certain number of applicants are cleared by the system at every turn. If your petition makes it through the first step then your case will be forwarded to National Visa Center.


If you are successful in your application, you will receive an immigrant visa number. Now if you are living in the US then you will become a permanent resident and if you are not living in the US then you will get in touch with US embassy near you for further assistance in your travel plans.

There may be additional steps depending on the case. You have to gain more information regarding your own case in order to understand the full process.

visa process steps

After Getting the Green Card

The Green Card is a living permit. It comes with many rules and regulations that the residents are expected to follow.

This permit can be revoked at any time if the citizens are not abiding by the rules successfully. The person can be either revoked in these circumstances or he will have to go back to visa residence status.

If a person is traveling outside the United States for long periods of time then they should know that their Green Card status will be affected. They will have to apply for Re-Entry Permit¬.

These are, of course, basic and preliminary steps and details of the procedure. We have refrained from a detailed analysis because that would invite a much longer blog.

The best source of information on how to get a Green Card is the USCIS website. Even if the information provided here is not encouraging, one should focus on improving their circumstance. We are strongly against a person following dubious resources.

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