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How to Get a Certified Translation Lebanese to English

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Lebanese Language Certified

Is it your first time visiting Lebanon? Are you a native citizen or a foreign citizen of Lebanon? Whatever the case may be, you should be aware of the migration procedure before traveling. Getting all the knowledge ahead of you is helpful because it reduces your chances of rejection.

Now when you’ve decided to travel to Lebanon, you should get familiar with the Lebanese language translation services. You may be asked to get the certification of your documents as well. Either way, you’ll have to get help from a qualified translation agency or a freelance translator. It is better to contact a translation agency if this is your first time.

If you need services of Lebanese language-certified translations, you’re just at the right place! We provide the best-certified translations at affordable rates. You can reach us through our website and place your order online. For the convenience of our consumers, we provide 24 hours translation and certification services. And we are happy to announce that our translators are experts at handling instant deliveries. To get more information about the Lebanese language certification, read along with this blog!

Lebanese language

Many people confuse Lebanese with the Arabic language. They think that both are the same but there are still slight differences that narrate them as two separate languages. Lebanese Arabic is a more preferred name for the language people speaks in Lebanon. It is a country officially known as the Lebanese Republic located in Western Asia. Lebanese is a variety of North Levantine Arabic, indigenous to and spoken primarily in Lebanon, with significant linguistic influences borrowed from other Middle Eastern and European languages and is in some ways unique from other varieties of Arabic.

Due to multilingualism among Lebanese people, it is not uncommon for Lebanese people to code-switch between or mixes Lebanese Arabic, English, and French in their daily speech. It is also spoken among the Lebanese diaspora.

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lebanese language

Lebanese Arabic is a descendant of the Arabic dialects introduced to the Levant in the 7th century AD, which gradually supplanted various indigenous Northwest Semitic languages to become the regional lingua franca. As a result of this prolonged process of language shift, Lebanese Arabic possesses a significant Aramaic substratum, along with later non-Semitic adstrate influences from Ottoman Turkish, English, and French.

Lebanese Language Translation Services

You will need Lebanese language translation services for different purposes. In many cases, they need to demonstrate proficiency in Arabic, French, or English, depending on the institution and program. In some instances, the academic transcript may be issued in English and refer to a bachelor’s degree program. At the English universities, students who have graduated from an American-style secondary school program enter at the freshman level to earn the baccalaureate equivalence from the Ministry of Education.

Some of the Lebanese or Middle Eastern descent studying in the country, particularly at the American-model institutions such as the American University of Beirut mostly offers full degree programs. To get all of your documents and certificate translated, you can contact the translation agencies. There are multiple options online. You may need a visa, and for that, non-native speakers must get their documents translated. For a person whose dead body has to transfer from Lebanon, a death certificate will be needed. The curriculum and the criteria will differ based on the reason people aim to travel.

What is Certified Translation?

Before moving on to the steps of getting certified translation, you should clearly understand its meaning. A certified translation fulfills the requirements in the country in question, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary widely from country to country. Briefly, a certified translation means that the translator has provided a signed statement that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original. Any qualified translator can provide a certified translation by signing and attaching a certificate of accuracy to the completed translation.

How to get a certified translation of Lebanese to English

To get your tertiary education from credible education institutions in the U.S., you will have to pass the migration process. The enrollment rate in private schools is greater than the secondary school level. It is because they provide formal education more adequately. Based on the professionalism of the undergraduate programs, the private schools may ask you to get certified translation services of your Lebanese documents in the English language.

Apart from your term of study, the need to get English translation is a requirement in the National curriculum. The Lebanese students should learn foreign languages so they can communicate with other students. The top five destinations for outbound students are France, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Saudi Arabic, and the United Kingdom. Broadly, the following are the steps you can follow to get a certified translation from Lebanese to English:

lebanese certification
translation certification lebanese english

Step 1 – Search Online 

To get your education at the elementary level, you can apply for the educational institutions that provide education from kids to the intermediate level. You can search online and look for a public institution that offers certified translation services. In case you want to apply to Lebanese universities as an international student, you can look for regional education Bureaus that handle such procedures. Sometimes, you don’t have to search for a translation agency because the American-modeled universities take the responsibility of providing you with all the services.

Step 2 – Give Details

If the Lebanese schools do not provide such services, you can simply hire a freelance translator or a professional translation agency. Contact them through email or any other platform. You can mention your details like the target language, diversity visa requirement, format, or any other limitations. If any other additional documents need translation, you can just send them by mentioning them as alternate documents. Make sure to provide clear details for those academic documents. It is suitable to get your services from an Arabic speaker because the District office may point out the minor mistakes.

Step 3 – Select a Deadline

The translation team willing to do your work should be credible enough to provide the translation services in the initial period. If you are handing over your Arabic birth certificate to the translator, make sure to give its a copy. It is because the legal documents are sensitive so you should be careful. Select a suitable deadline a few days before the period of admission allowed. It is because your document may have to pass the period of validity when you’ll get certified translations.

Step 4 – Negotiate the Charges

The charges should vary according to the type of document. For example, the translation dues of your official transcript and the original marriage certificate will be different. To get a minimal idea about the charges, contact the translation services in the USA. Our translation team can do your work in the shortest duration and without charging high prices.

Step 5 – Get the certified translation

While handing over your documents to the translator, write down an address registration for document delivery. The immigrant visa applicant should get the translation services very carefully because any single mistake can delay their process of migration. Get your documents on the decided date and confirm whether it needs proofreading or revisions. Read this article to know more about Certified translation of Application.

lebanese language certified
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