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How To Get A Translation Of Nepal Birth Certificate?

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Nepal Birth Certificate

If you have ever tried to get a birth certificate translated, you might have found it hard to do so due to the lack of information available on how and where to get one translated. We are here to make things easier for you by providing some basic information on how you can accomplish this task with ease.

From contacting an authorized translator to figuring out how much it will cost, we have covered everything that you need to know about getting your birth certificate translated in Nepal. Take a look!

What documents are required for Birth Certificate Translation in Nepal?

Birth records are the original documents for Nepalese citizens; for foreign nationals, the birth registration certificate is the original document. The birth registration form can be downloaded from the Nepal government’s website (

For Birth Certificate Translation in Nepal, the necessary documents typically include public documents establishing legal identity, such as Vital Records, and the primary document, like the birth certificate. When preparing these documents for translation, consider factors like language pair, ensuring accurate human translation, and, if required, obtaining Apostille services for use in a foreign country. Various documents are required, including the source document and additional layers such as identification cards or passports. Common documents requested for this process encompass a range of personal records essential for legal and administrative purposes.

This comprehensive approach covers a wide range of content for business, travel documents, and legal matters, similar to the process one might follow for a divorce certificate translation in countries like Sri Lanka or Costa Rica.

The applicant must provide proof of identity and copies of their passport as secondary evidence when applying for the birth registration form.

You can also produce other legal documents like arrest records or death certificates instead. Still, authorities must have issued these documents within 2 years before your application was submitted.

nepal birth certificate
birth certificate nepal

Birth Certificate

You must visit the notary public’s office to certify that you will not engage in fraudulent activities with your birth certificate copy. Forms of identification include a social protection card, driver’s license, education/school enrollment certificate and business license for minors only.

Additional documentation includes marriage certificates and divorce decrees if required. If you are a Nepali citizen, you must submit the original certificate of birth, which you should obtain from the local registrar’s office where you were born or from district offices at district headquarters.

If you are a foreign national, submit the original certified copy of birth registration made out by a competent authority on some fixed form along with any three types of identification, including an additional photo ID issued by that country.

Read more about Nepal birth certificate translation.

Agencies providing birth certificate translation services in Kathmandu, Nepal

Many agencies provide Nepalese authorities with services related to foreign birth certificates. Not all, however, can translate them. Services like Smart Translation can transcribe and translate your document in less than 24 hours, so you are prepared for any challenge that may come your way.

These Agencies ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the primary document by offering translation certification, making the translated birth certificate valid for official use in various travel documents and legal contexts.

Agencies in Kathmandu, Nepal, offering birth certificate translation services, prioritize certified translations for personal and official documents, including common types like academic certificates and medical records, often sought by law firms. With a focus on accuracy and reliability, these agencies employ human translators to ensure the highest quality, accommodating varied turnaround times to meet clients’ needs efficiently.

Smart Translations accepts social security documents as well! They will work closely with clients to understand their needs and offer the best solutions. They have been serving clients since 1997 by providing services such as translations, interpretation, transcription and data conversion from various formats.

For example, they can convert legacy formats such as audiocassette tapes into digital formats such as mp3s or WAV files. Their translators also translate other media types such as CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.

Translation is key when moving to another country or dealing with immigration officials. So, do not leave yourself unprepared!

nepali birth certificate translation
translation nepali birth paper

Some advice on how to look for quality birth certificate translators and what to avoid in Nepal

Nepal is just one of many countries that use English as its primary language, so most translators will be able to read and write in English. However, you must know what kind of translator you want before looking because not all types are equal.

If the original document is written in Nepali or some other non-Latin script, it should be translated by someone with deep knowledge of both languages.

Translating a text from one type of Latin script into another is usually more straightforward than translating from Thai or Chinese, but it can still require expertise. It’s also worth asking whether your chosen translator has experience translating documents for international use, such as passports.

The best way to avoid being scammed when looking for a qualified translator is to check their credentials: ask them if they have qualifications from an institution recognized by IATI (the International Association of Translators and Interpreters) or any related professional body.

You might also need to ask about their previous work experience; make sure they can provide references from satisfied customers or well-known within the industry. It may seem obvious, but always ensure the translator understands exactly what kind of work you will give them. There’s no point hiring a photographer if you’re after an art gallery curator!


How much does it cost to translate birth certificate in Nepal?

Translating the birth certificate in Nepal can cost upwards of $500. But there are other ways to go about getting your birth translated if you cannot afford the price tag. If you know someone who has lived in that country for longer than five years, they may be able to assist with translations as well. Another option is sending the original document to an embassy or consulate office for their officials on the ground in that country to translate it and then send it back by mail.

How can I change my name in birth certificate in Nepal?

You can change your name in the Kathmandu Metropolitan District’s Department of Immigration and Passport office by submitting an application form with the help-letter from the department. The procedure costs NPR 10,000. If you want to amend your name but you are outside Nepal then contact your nearest Nepalese embassy or consulate.

How many days does it take to translate a birth certificate in Nepal?

Depending on the area where you live, the time for your document to be translated will vary. It generally takes about 1-2 weeks for the translators in Kathmandu Valley, and 2-3 weeks outside.

What should I do if I lost my birth certificate in Nepal?

If you have lost your Nepalese Birth Certificate, there are several things you can do. One is that you can contact the local embassy in your country and request an Apostille from them. They will verify your authenticity on the documentation and stamp it with their seal. Another option is that if there is no embassy in your country, you can send it to the Nepalese Consulate in Washington, D.C., for verification purposes only! They will send it back to you after verifying it for authenticity.

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