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How to use our certified translation tool – infographic

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2023)

We took advantage of technology to serve you better with our certified translation tool. If you need translation services for immigration at the lowest prices, we are here. We can deliver your translation within 24 hours or even sooner, depending on the language of the original document.

How To Use Our Certified Translation Tool

Getting your free quote or ordering your translation with our certified translation tool is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

how to use our quote tool
How to use our tool to order your translation

Fill in the required details

Here you will need to input the number of pages for your documents that need translation. You will then choose how to receive your translation.

Get the calculated Price

The basic rate for every document is US$ 20 per page. This is because the document needs to get certified before it can be considered for notarization. You get the additional charge if you opted for notarization.

Pay your quoted price

After paying your calculated charges you can expect to get your certified translation within 24 hours. We are a quick service agency and we understand that our clients are working on close deadlines.

Where is the infographic?

If you’re finding too hard to read this article, we have created an infographic which you can see by clicking the image. It will show you how to use our quote tool.

What happens after you order your translation?

Once you’ve ordered your translation with us you will receive a confirmation email about it. After the translator translates the document, you will receive a draft translation (a simple document with just the translated text), which you need to approve or to send us your comments. This is done in order to be sure we are translating the names correctly, as sometimes names can be translated in different ways.

After your approval, we will add the translated text into the original template – so your translation will look like the original. We will issues the certificate of accuracy and send you both, by email, in PDF format. A hard copy will also be sent to you if you requested one.

how to use our certified translation tool infographic
translation steps

Understanding Notarized And Certified Translations

Certified Translation offers services for certified and notarized translations of documents from various languages into English, Documents like passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, driver’s licenses, and the likes are some of the official and legal documents that are subject to certified and notarized translations.

What’s the difference between Certified and Notarized translation?

Certified translation is a proof that it is accurately and completely translated from the original documents. A certified translation is needed and is generally accepted as lawful.

Some documents need further security attestation as per the request of the requiring institution. If your requesting party did not require a notarized copy of your certified translations, it is best to ask if it is needed. This way, you’ll save time in having your documents done for certified and notarized translations all at the same time.

A point to remember!

We would like to point out a simple fact for our friends to remember. A certified translation may not always need to be notarized. But a notarized translation has to be certified first before notarization is done. Notarization is basically a validation that the translator’s certificate of authenticity is valid and is signed and provided by the translator himself. The government attests to that fact and stamps their validation by notarizing the translation.

These are a few key facts about notarized translations that we wanted to share with our friends. You should call us now or use our certified translation tool to order your notarized translation. We are the proud translators for 26,000 customers all across the United States and counting. Certified Translation has the right experience and expertise. We will give you the best-notarized translation you will find in the market.

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