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Is A Certified Translation For The US Same As For The UK?

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2021)

Certified Translation US vs UK

In the digital age, education is not limited to schools, universities, books, newspapers, or magazines. You get to learn about new stuff all day, every day. It’s a good thing actually. Imagine how difficult it would be for you if you don’t know the difference between certified translation U.S. vs UK? Staying ignorant is not a blessing anymore because obviously when you are sitting with your friends and out of nowhere, they start talking about the new show on Netflix, you’ll be embarrassed to be left out of the conversation. Similarly, if you are traveling abroad, you must know about the visa process, the types of translation you’ll require, and where to find the best translators.

Why Translation?

Let’s start with the most obvious yet most ambiguous one, why do you need translations for immigration purposes. You grow up in a country, get all your official papers, from birth certificates and school transcripts to business cards and marriage certificates, you are listed for everything. But when you plan to move to a different country, your papers are no good. Your validity, identification, and professional qualification, all linger in the abyss because of the language barriers. And this is where you need language services.

If the authorities fail to understand what’s written in your papers, they won’t be able to verify your claims. This is why the first and foremost part of every visa processing is the compilation of your required papers and translating them into the official language of your destination country. In most countries, you’re asked to submit the English translation of your official documents if they are in another language originally. Translation Associations understand the way things work and their qualified translators ensure quality in all kinds of translation projects.

certified translation US vs UK
certified US vs UK

Why Certified Translation?

Before moving on to the why let’s first clear the what. What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation of any text from the source language to the target language accompanied by a certification of accuracy. This certification of accuracy is signed by the translator himself along with the stamp of the translation organization. It contains the name and other details of the translator. It also contains the statement which says that the translator has done the translation of the original document in the light of his professional knowledge and doesn’t contain any errors in spellings, dates, and other information.

And this is why certified translation is required. These certifications are proof that a professional translator undertook the task of translation and is responsible for the translation. Since everything about the translators is listed in the form, they become a trusted source for the authorities. The immigration department can’t let foreigners enter their country with any falsified information as this would be a danger to their national security and integrity. Hence, it is only fair to ask for a certified version of the applicant’s official papers.

Is A Certified Translation for the US the Same as for the UK? 

You must have heard about the certified translation for USCIS all the time but have you ever wondered if it’s the same for the UK?

Well, it is the first step for every immigrant to submit a certified English translation of their official papers to the USCIS. In fact, that’s the very basic requirement of stepping on US soil. As a matter of fact, if your original papers are not in English or Welsh, you’ll have to get in touch with certified translation services and get a certified translation of your original docs for submission to the UK border authorities.

However, the rules differ from country to country like in this example for a certified translation US vs UK. The same reason why instructions for certified translation for the UK are a bit different and rigid than that of the US. The UKVI or United Kingdom Visas and Immigration department says that an applicant must provide a fully certified translation for each document that must be submitted to the UK border agency for visa processing. The government agency clearly states that the certified translation must be done by a professional translator or a translation agency. The certificate must include the credentials of the translator or the details of the translation service providers. It must have the date of the translation. The translator must confirm that the translation is accurate in the light of his professional knowledge and must sign the form of certification or provide the signature of a senior official at the translation company. In case, the applicant fails to meet the requirements, he’ll not be considered for further processing.

certified translation UK
certified translation US

Who Qualifies as A Professional Translator?

There are many ways to learn languages or become an interpreter, again thanks to technology. But the most reliable way to do that is by earning a degree in translation. You can choose language pairs, pass an ATA exam or university exams, get a certification or pick a course. Going through translation professional training allows translators to use translation techniques and meet the quality standards of translations on a global scale.

Experience also counts. A single translation job doesn’t qualify someone as an experienced translator. These linguists not only require language proficiency but must also have legal knowledge of the respective country and their language laws. Ordinary translations are different from certified ones and only professionals can ensure the authenticity of the subject and the content in any translated text.

Among other options, the best one is to go with a well-established, trustworthy source. A company that has diverse expertise in every industry and is at the top of its field. Such companies have native translators of expert-level skills. They are fluent in two or more language combinations and can provide certified translation for both US and UK. So you can always go with them.

When to Use Certified Vs Notarized Translations?

Certified and Notarized translations are often required to prove their professionalism and authenticity. However, in most cases, agencies ask for certified translation. It is important to keep in mind that any professional translator can provide certified translation, they don’t have to be certified themselves.

In terms of notarization, it has more to do with the official procedures than with quality. However, any professional translator can take his translation to a notary public, take an oath of its accuracy, sign an affidavit and get the stamp from the notary public official. Again, it is only provided if the officials ask for notarized translation specifically.

Speaking of the translation fees, one must go to different companies, get quotes, and compare prices, reviews, and services. After that, you can make a better choice and save yourself from getting into trouble. So, if you are ready to apply for a visa to America or England, this is your time to get in touch with an official translation company. We assume that it is clear that we have made clear the differences for a certified translation US vs UK. Legal translations are crucial and must never be jeopardized for a small monetary benefit. Choose the best quote but don’t forget what’s at stake. After all, your dreams are bigger than anything else and if you want to realize them in a different place, then putting that extra effort in is more than necessary. In case you are still confused about anything, you can always contact your lawyer and clear things up as soon as possible.

certified translator US vs UK
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