Is Proofreading Of Translation Important?

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2021)

Proofreading of a Translation

Humans are not perfect, which means everyone makes mistakes and that is why Proofreading of a Translation is important. None of us can be blamed for making mistakes from time to time. However, there are instances when no error can be tolerated. If a person makes an error while writing a report at work, they will have to correct it before submitting the document to their superiors. But editing a book or newspaper is much more complicated than correcting an error in a report. It requires a specific set of skills. People have to get the necessary qualification and then practice their skills to become good at editing. Despite its complex nature, proofreading is very important in every walk of life. Even in the language industry, without translation proofreading, a file cannot be shared with the client.

What is Proofreading?

Every book, newspaper, and magazine has to go through an editorial cycle before it can be published. The final step in the cycle is known as proofreading. It is the process in which the text is read by a professional to find and correct errors related to spelling and punctuation. It is through this process that text can be readied for public viewing. When this stage is skipped during the editorial cycle, the resulting text will have a lot of errors. A publisher that does not hire proofreaders will end up losing customers.

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importance of check translation

Process of Proofreading

The process of proofreading is essential in every industry. It is true that proofreaders are mostly only hired by language service providers and publishers, but even in the business world, editing documents is very important. Errors in the spelling of names and addresses can create problems for business documents. Legal files will become useless if they contain spelling errors.

The division between the roles of editors and proofreaders is different everywhere. In some companies, proofreaders are the ones who also correct grammatical errors, while in other places, they only check spelling and punctuation. But regardless of the division between their roles, no one can deny that proofreading and editing are very important services.

Translation Services:

The translation industry has become huge due to the high demand. Businesses of today can only survive in an international market with the help of translation companies. The translation process is not as easy as people think it is. If qualified translators are not hired to handle a project, you will end up with inaccurate translations. When you hire a qualified expert, there won’t be any inaccuracy in your document. But there can still be errors in the file. Missing quotation marks may not change the entire meaning of the original document, but they will still affect the context of the text. It is the same when it comes to punctuation marks.

Quality of a Translation

The quality of a translation is not the only thing that has to be a hundred percent. If the meaning of the original content is not being conveyed to the target audience properly, then that would defeat the purpose of the translation. This is why proofreading in translation is so important and must be handled by experts. Like editing, proofreading of translations can only be carried out by qualified professionals. A good translation agency has its own editors that check each document before it is handed over to the client. So, before hiring an agency, one must make sure that it has the right professionals on its team.

Is Proofreading of Translation Important?

When a translated book reaches the reader, it accurately conveyed the meaning of the original content. But along with that, it also does not have any spelling mistakes or missing punctuation marks. The reason behind that is after being translated; the text is also edited and proofread. It is the only way the message of the author can be conveyed to the readers without any filter between them.

But it isn’t just the books that must be proofread after getting translated. A business or legal document cannot be shared with foreign audiences until it is both translated and proofread. The errors in translation can be blamed on the translator, but when there are spelling mistakes, it paints a bad image of the company. This is why businesses that have advertisements and pamphlets with spelling mistakes are ridiculed on the internet.

translation proofreading
translation proofreading

What will proofreader check?

Some agencies have teams of proofreaders that check a number of things in the text, including grammar mistakes and missing punctuation marks. They play an essential role in the process of translation. But some companies do not offer proofreading services. So, people have to look for a qualified professional themselves. They often end up hiring proofreaders that have high rates. This is why it is better to find an agency that can provide you with free-of-errors translation at affordable rates.

Who Can Proofread Content?

There are content experts who know what to look for when editing or proofreading. If you hand over a document to an inexperienced person, they will end up missing various common mistakes. Human minds have the ability to ignore efforts and replace them with the correct word or spelling. However, professional proofreaders practice their skills regularly. Their practice teaches them to start noticing mistakes in source documents. This is why sensitive documents should only be given to professional proofreaders for proofreading. They are the ones who can carry out spelling corrections and add the necessary punctuation marks in the source document.

Review Writing Quality

A lot of people can read your articles, books, and magazines for you. They can even review the quality of the writing for you. But they cannot notice all the typos in your text or point out the translation errors. For flawless translations, only qualified and experienced proofreaders can help you. They are the ones with the necessary knowledge to correct all mistakes in your documents.

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

People turn to machine translation to save money, but when they see the low accuracy level, they realize that only a human can translate their documents accurately. Proofreading and editing are also things that can only be handled by human experts. The rates of such services depend on various factors. One agency can have better rates than the next one, but they may not have the right translators on their team.

Before you hire an agency for translation, you should ask them about their rates. Better yet, you should compare their prices with different agencies. You should also read the reviews left by their previous customers of the agency to learn more about the quality of their work. This way, you will be able to save money without compromising on quality. You will get the best quality translations at the most affordable rates.

Free Proofreading

A good agency won’t charge you separately for proofreading. The cost of editing and proofreading is included in the translation rates. So, even if you are getting your document translated in $0.10 per word, you will be able to get proofreading services as well. The prices of an agency is one of the factors that you must check before hiring them. The mechanisms in place for translating and proofreading content are also important. So, it is a must that you focus on all the factors before you decide to hire an agency for a project. Once you find a good agency, you can send over your document to them, get a free quote, and place your order. When the translation is complete, and the proofreading is done, the file will be sent to you. Read about our blog what to expect from a NYC translation agency.

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