latin diploma

Latin Diploma

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2023)
Latin Diploma

Are you excited about flying to America for higher studies, a job employment? Is everything all set? Paperwork completed, specifically your diploma? If your answer is yes and you belong to one of those Latin American countries, then let me rephrase my question, is your diploma written in Latin language? Well, if you think that it will be accepted at the USCIS, then you’re wrong.

Even if you live in a country adjacent to the US, like Mexico or Brazil, you’ll have to translate your necessary documents including your diploma before submission at the immigration. The rule was passed by the US department of citizenship and immigration services and is applicable to all the Immigrants who wish to the country for a definitive or indefinite period of time. Moreover, Certified Translations of all the required documents is strictly compulsory. Without certification, the document will not be accepted by the immigration services and could also be a subsequent cause of refusal.

Who Can Translate My Diploma?

Converting from Latin to English may seem an easy task for the bilingual citizens of such countries. But what should always be kept in mind, is the fact that Certified Translations require a statement and personal information of a professional. The linguist asserts that in his capacity, he did his best and he certifies his work by providing his details along with his claim that he has translated well and his work contains the exact same meaning as that of the original.
So instead of asking your colleague or fellow student for a translation, go to an individual or a company that offers Certified Translations.

latin diploma

What Is Required From Me?

Well, if you need your diploma translated, you wouldn’t have to do much. You just have to upload your document. After that, you’ll receive the quote, the time frame, and other details if necessary.

After everything else, the payment method is decided from the available options. Once the payment is made, the translators start working on it.

latin diploma

Why Immigration Demands Certification?

While entering the US, you have to show the goodwill that you will be a law abiding citizen during your study tour or employment stay. In any case you are going to live there and to secure their national interests, the authorities have to be sure that they know everything about you.
A certified translation can’t be provided by some amateur, it has to be someone who’s fully aware of what he is doing, and what responsibility he is undertaking. Moreover, a professional carefully includes his personal and professional details into the certificate, reassuring that whatever he has interpreted is correct and he could be held accountable if any of the information prove to be falsified.

Why English?

Well, first of all, it is quite obvious. English is the official language of USA, and thus every submitted document must be translated in English. Apart from that, there is a hidden purpose too.

Immigrants while making a move to the US, have to take special English language tests to show that they are fluent in English and can read, write and converse easily. Similarly, they want the immigrants to keep in mind that every official procedure will be carried out in the same language no matter what the reason is.

What If My Diploma Is Complex

If you believe that your diploma in Latin is too complex to be simply converted into English, you should seek special diploma translation services.
A company with special expertise for different areas is the company which can help you. Such companies have native translators with special training and experience in their given fields and industries. If you need your Latin diploma translated into English, you should opt for diploma experts.

You can even directly talk to them and clear your concerns. You can ask them about your specific area of specialization, ensure that they would use the right terminologies relative to your subject.

Although, the best way to search for such company in our times is through internet, yet what we can do for you is help you save your precious time for something else worth spending time on. At Certified Translations, we can provide certified translations for all kinds of documents. Whether you need to show it to the immigration department, to a university, a recruitment agency, your employer’s desk or anywhere at all.

Our translators belong to different regions of the world and their skill is unquestionable. They have been working with us for decades and have taken care of numerous projects leaving no stones unturned to deliver perfection every time.

So if you are worried that your future could be jeopardized if you didn’t find the right kind of agency, we are here for you. You can contact us through call, email, live chat or even by visiting our contact us page and fill the query form there. If you live in a city where we have our offices, you can even come and discuss your requirement in person. But one thing that we can assure you, is that we can translate your Latin Diploma into English without any error.

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