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Everybody loves watching true crime documentaries. But while watching them, we end up ignoring some common factors. The most easily notable factor is the fact that no one expects a person to be capable of doing something violent. You will always see a friend or family member saying that the criminal did not show any signs of negative behavior. Sadly, it is true that mostly no one knows about a person’s criminal activities until it is too late. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can know others completely so we only form connections that aren’t harmful to us? If everyone you meet has their criminal record displayed above their head, you won’t end up becoming friends with a murderer. But technology hasn’t progressed this much yet.

Criminal Records:


The criminal record of a person is a detailed account of the felonies they have committed and the sentences they have served. Even if a person has not done either, they will need to show their record as proof. It is highly useful for companies and states. It helps companies keep a dangerous individual out of their firm. A country can keep its citizens secured if it does not give a visa or grant immigration to someone with a criminal background.

But people don’t know much about these official papers, how to obtain them, and what does it mean when something is expunged. Many people also don’t know that they will need to submit this document when they are applying for certain jobs or for immigration.

Criminal Records translations

When Do You Need It?

There are a few instances in life when you cannot move forward without submitting your criminal records. Here is when you will need your certified criminal records:

  • A New Job:

Although not all the companies ask for this document when they plan on hiring someone, there are a few jobs you can’t get without it. More corporations are getting on board with the idea of asking potential employees about their rap sheet. When you wish to join the military, this is the document you must present to prove that you never committed a crime. It is also needed when you apply for a job as a teacher. It is highly important for schools to keep their students safe. And asking to see the rap sheet of a future teacher is one way of ensuring the safety of everyone on campus. Sometimes, you will also need this record when you wish to obtain a professional or business license.

  • Adopting a Child:

When you plan on adopting a child, prepare yourself to spend months getting the paperwork ready. An easy aspect of the adoption process is presenting your rap sheet. A clear rap sheet proves that the child you plan to adopt will be safe with you.

International travel means you will be entering a foreign territory. In order to get qualified for the travel, you will have to prove that you have not taken part in any criminal activity. The background checks are stricter when you apply for immigration. By presenting your background record, you will get one step closer to become an immigrant in the country of your choice.

Where to Look Up Criminal Records?


Now that you know when you will need these papers, the next question is where to get them from. Looking up criminal records has become a lot easier thanks to the internet. But most of the websites that claim to offer such information fail to provide you with all the details. The best way to obtain your criminal records is by visiting the police station and requesting them to issue your rap sheet. If you need federal records, you will have to get in touch with the FBI and request the issuance of your records.

It is worth mentioning that the laws regarding such documents are different in each state. In some places, a person can only obtain their records, but in other states, as long as you know the name and date of birth of someone, you can get their rap sheet after paying a fee of $15.

certified criminal records

There are some records that get expunged when someone was convicted but did not engage in any criminal activity after that. Such sealed documents can only be obtained by federal law enforcement agencies. There are a few records that are available to the public. Sex offender registries fall under this category. They are made public to warn people against sex offenders.

It is worth mentioning that the regulations regarding such papers will be different in each country. But going to the police to get your rap sheet is the easiest method everywhere. Once you get the document, the next step will be to get it translated. You can’t submit it to an immigration office as it is, the language difference will make it impossible for the officers to understand it. When you are applying for a job in a foreign country, you will need to get criminal records translation. This way, your documents will get changed in the official language of the country in which you want to work.

Keep in mind that not everyone is qualified to handle such papers. Make a wise choice when picking an agency to help you out. A name that is known for its quality assistance can be trusted. But don’t go with an option if only for the low rates. You wouldn’t want to submit an inaccurate translation of your criminal record to the immigration office.

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