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Official Document Translation

Do you have an official document translation that needs to be done by a professional translation agency? Are you looking for a competent and qualified translation agency that will take care of the translation that you need to get done today?

Look no further, because Certified Translation is here to give you the best official document translation services that you need.

Why should you trust us?

translation of official documents

Translation of official documents

Whenever you need translation of official documents you can trust us to give you exactly what you need in the shortest time and at probably the best price on the market.

any official document

Any official document

Our linguists are not only specialized in translation, but also in the legal field. They are aware of the requirements when it comes to legal translation and they will provide the best outcome.

Perfect for any need

Perfect for any need

All you have to do is to tell us what you need the translation for and we’ll send it to you in 24 hours or less, in close accordance with the requirements of the institution you need to send it to!

cheap official document translation

Official document translation services

We have developed one of the largest ranges of translation services for our clients. Following are the reasons you should use our services for your translation of official documents!

  • Specialized in legal. All the translators that we use are highly experienced in the legal fields are perfectly aware of the requirements of each corresponding institution in the US, which means that the official document translation that we provide is being done keeping in mind the requirements of the institution you need to submit the translation to.
  • We offer some of the best rates! Whether you are an individual looking for translation for immigration or a company looking to have your legal documents translated and certified, you may find us to be some of the most affordable agencies in the US. If you are working for an office, the more you can get done within allocated budget, the better. Individuals can also save on their translation spending without compromising the quality of the translation. Whether you show up with fifty pages of content or a single birth certificate, you still get the best deal from us!
  • You can trust us! We are a professional and well-established translation company in New York that takes full responsibility for the translations that we deliver. We offer certified translations for any document, which are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US.
  • We offer translations from any language! This means that you don’t have to worry about finding another translation agency if you need translations from multiple languages. You can come to us with medical records in five different languages and we will still be able to do it. And you will have a hassle-free translation experience.

Certified Translation of Official Documents

An official document is a declaration in writing assigned by a government or an acknowledged authority establishing a person’s status or nationality or certifying a case. Governmental, legal and academic organizations generally require a certified translation of official documents issued abroad.

  • The translation of official documents is subjected to strict laws, which may be summed up as follows:
  • An official document needs to be translated by a certified translator who is a part in good standing of a professional organization recognized by the government.
  • The translation of an official document must be followed by a statement confirmed by the certified translator to the conclusion that it was created by trade manner, and is an accurate representation of the original.
  • The certified translator must print the appropriate seal on each page of the translation and the signed statement stated above.
  • In many instances, the original and the translation must be confirmed and sealed by a notary public, or an administrator for oaths.

Why choose Certified Translation?

You should be choosing us because official documents are too significant to be trusted to just anyone. Certified Translation can call upon an extensive team of professional certified translators allowed to translate and certify official documents.

certified translation of official documents
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Translation of official documents

Official documents that need to be translated are a diverse pool. We get a variety of documents; the most common of these are:

legal documents

Legal Documents

Whether these are government approvals, tender documents, negotiations, legal papers or case briefings, we have some of the best legal translators in the business. We offer translations that are certified by qualified translators who are all members of esteemed translation agencies. We make sure that you get the content that you need with our translation teams.

All the legal documents are submitted to legal offices that are most focused on credibility and verification. We are here to give you the translation that will be cleared by the legal office without any problems.

financial documents

Financial Documents

All the financial plans, fiscal year reports, bookkeeping details and stock market reports should be brought to us. We are here to give you the best translation for all of your financial content that your office has made your responsibility to get translated.

We are here to make sure that the financial reports are translated in a manner that will be in sync with the financial culture of your target destination so that you will not find the process of getting through to your international friend an arduous one!

medical documents

Medical Documents

All the medical files that you submit from your employees and co-workers will be translated with care. We offer real and substantial discounts for the bulk of translations so if you have a team of employees who are all traveling abroad and you need to get their medical files translated for immigration than you should most certainly come to us. Not only, we can give you a certified and credible translation, we can also offer you discounts that will reduce your expenses by a clear margin. You will get extra points from your boss!

SME documents

SME Documents

SME stands for Subject Matter Expert; when you have a manual about using specific machinery that needs to be translated, you should come to us! SME Documents are varied; they include factory reports, processing reports, product analysis, supervisor review of the manufacturing industry and all other content that is focused on a specific and challenging subject.

Our SME Experts are trained in the content that they are translating and they will give you the translation that you need!

Personal documents

personal documents

When it comes to official document translation services, there are quite a few things you need to consider:

  • accuracy
  • price
  • delivery time
  • service availablity

Just to be on the safe side, you also need to make sure that the translation will be accepted by the institution where you need to submit it. We guarantee that our translations will be accepted anywhere in the US.

If you are an individual looking for translation for USCIS, get in touch and send us your documents, we will send you one of the best quotes you’ll get. We provide certified translations for all personal documents, including:

You must have read the word “official” more than hundreds of times, and almost instantly you realize that it’s important. The term official has a very specific meaning attached to it. If a document is provided by or required by a governmental agency or organization, it’s significance is unquestionable.

For all your official documents, we can provide high quality translation services. Whether it’s an affidavit, a business contract, an agreement, passport or any certificate, we can deliver certified translations for all our valuable customers. It doesn’t matter to us which city you belong to, which country you are currently living in, or where you are intending to move to, we’re well versed in all rules and regulations of the immigration, especially the USCIS. It is our first priority to offer you services regardless of the limits and borders. For areas that are remote and have no access to modern facilities, our website is the best source of linguistic assistance for official documents.

If you are looking for a service you can trust, offers you reliability, convenience and affordability, you can stay assured that you’re in safe hands. For further details and information about our process, rates and more, contact us today.

Official Document Translation

Certified Translation is here to give you the best experience with your translation of official documents. We offer an all-inclusive package to companies and individuals so that you will love to become our permanent customers.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives and get some of the most affordable official document translation services in the US!

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What is official document translation about?

An official document translation is a translation that is followed by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability. Any translation company or translator may “certify” a translation. There are different reasons why people get a translation certified. It is important when a document is for an official purpose, the document that is usually translated are a birth certificate, marriage certificate or contracts.

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What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is usually referred to the official translation. There are different ways a translation can be officially certified, these depend on the country, the type and nature of the document or certificate. The official document translation of a certificate or document means that a translation can be used for either of the following purposes:

  • Academic certificates, marriage divorce or birth certificate
  • Transcripts for educational purpose, medical reports, diplomas, recommendation letters
  • Regulatory documents such as contracts power of attorney etc.
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services such as Employment-based VISAs, Citizenship applications, Greencard applications, Marriage-based applications

Sometimes it is important to have a document or certificate certified by an appointed officer. This is usually done by an official translator who will legally certify and stamp the document or certificate, these depend on different countries. In some countries like Argentina, you must be a sworn translator before you can certify translation, whereas in countries like the united state and the the United Kingdom there is no sworn or certified translator. Though, there are different recognized association and translation agencies.


There is no major difference between certified translation and official document translation services.  Some countries use “certified” and “official” interchangeably. Though in some countries like Venezuela, they call them official translator and they have an official seal to back it up.

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