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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

In a globalized word people tend to move from country to country. A lot of people are immigrating to the US and have to deal with USCIS, therefore needing quick certified translation for their personal documents.

why all translations need to be certified

Why is quick certified translation needed

Nowadays, the dynamic of the world has made that many people go from one country to another to find and expand their opportunities in life, businesses and education. Language is not a barrier anymore and people learn to communicate in different ways to get adapted to new cultures and lifestyle.

In the process of immigrating to the US, people also have to cope with official institutions such as government agencies, academic institutions and international businesses in order to validate their previous background acquired in their original countries. In many of these cases their native languages differ from the country they deal with and they required quick certified translation services for their documents.

What is a certified translation?

But what exactly is a certified translation? It is a translated document that includes a note from a professional translator confirming that he or she is fluent in both languages and that translation is complete and accurate. Professional translators are trained to translate in the most accurate way and they are capable to find proper equivalencies in different languages. Sometimes those differences go beyond the meaning of a simple word and they might include criteria about culture and finances; academics records must also include equivalencies that sometimes differ from one country to another.

When dealing with immigration authorities or when wanting to continue your studies in the US, you’ll need to translate your documents. Usually clients are in a rush therefore they require quick certified translation. We provide that for you in 24 hours or less, and we guarantee the acceptance of our translations.

where to get your translation in a rush

Institutions must deal with people from different countries, cultures and languages and reviewers can´t be trained in all languages. Therefore the only way to assure they can evaluate all the documentation and avoid mistakes is by obtaining fast certified translation. As these types of translations are completed by professionals, reviewers can also trust in the validity of such documents. In all cases, certified translations create legally binding records that official authorities recognize as valid and this is why it is so important that these documents are certified. Acceptance or rejection to immigration, universities and work depend on the accuracy of the translations.

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