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10 Quick Translation Tips to Reach Global Travelers. Best Translation Apps

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2021)

Quick Translation Tips to Reach Global Travelers

There are many people in this world who love to travel and explore different places. Some of them get to do it too but others have to wait for a long time to save enough money to visit one country. These people love traveling like no other. They think that they will get to find life’s true meaning only when they get lost in the woods or unknown roads. They think deeply about life only when they are on the road and feel like a caged animal when they have to stay at home for too long. But not everyone who travels is like these people. Some visit different places, simply because they have to.

Employees of big companies and businessmen and women have to travel frequently too. They move from one place to another so often that they want to stay at home and relax when they get a vacation unlike those who turn to beaches and exotic location to spend their holidays. These people go from one country to another without ever getting to experience the true essence of that place simple because they don’t have time for it. They stay in five-star hotels, meet people in fancy lounges, and travel in first class.

One might think that all of that would be fun but it is often far from it. There are way too many things to take care of when you are traveling for work. If you are meeting investors or visiting your company’s foreign offices, each step you take will have to be in accordance with the local traditions. A small mistake on such trips can be very costly. But one problem that bothers every single traveler is the difference of language. When they can’t communicate with the natives, they can feel very lost in that foreign land.

quick translation tip

Quick Translation Tips to Reach Global Travelers:

quick translation tip

There are a few things that can help global travelers when it comes to difference of vernaculars. The language barrier can be overcome with the help of translation. Here are a few useful tips for translators that can help them reach travelers and aid them in their journeys:

  1. Simple Language:

Complexity of one vernacular cannot be interpreted into another. It will only confuse the participants and that’s why translators should keep the language simple if they want to reach people from all backgrounds.

  1. Localization:

When it comes to translating websites, don’t just interpret words randomly but also keep the difference between cultures in mind. Each interpretation has to be customized for the target audience so they can understand it easily.

  1. Avoid Sarcasm:

Everyone loves a bit of sarcasm in life and it is considered a proof of intelligence but it doesn’t travel well from one vernacular to another and might not be that clear to understand when shared on the internet.

  1. Avoid Online Translators:

If your business wants to attract global travelers then avoid using online translation tools for interpreting your website or marketing content. Online tools may be accurate sometimes but they are not appropriate for business use.

  1. Limit the Use of Jargon:

No matter which product you are promoting or service you are talking about, it is better to keep the use of technical jargon to a minimum. Travelers do not have the time to look up weird terminologies to understand your message.

  1. Humor Doesn’t Fit:

When you are addressing a global audience, jokes may be hard to translate. Avoid using them altogether. There can be other ways of making the content interesting.

  1. Proverbs Confuse Readers:

Proverbs are not only difficult to translate but also might confuse readers when translated. Especially when you are interpreting the content for a global audience, it is difficult to explain them for everyone.

  1. Synonyms Don’t Help:

They add multiple words for one concept and might not be clear for global readers.

  1. Date Format:

Countries have different formats of writing dates. Make sure you explain the date properly when making the content available for global travelers.

  1. Keep it Brief:

Just because they have to travel for hours, doesn’t mean people will like to read long posts. And even if your posts are long, keep the sentences short. This will keep the readers engaged.

Best Translation Apps for Travelers:


Traveling regularly for work can be exhausting but with the right companions in your phone, your troubles will be lessened. Here are the best apps to take with you wherever you go:

  1. Google Translate:

Most probably the best translation app available today that offers support for over a hundred language. It can detect languages too and comes with voice support. It can also read text from images and translate them.

  1. Microsoft Translator:

Do you want to get quick interpretations for conversations? This app has got you covered with its real-time conversations feature. It also offers interpretation for Klingon so nerds don’t have to turn anywhere else.

  1. TripLingo:

This is many travelers’ favorite app because of its awesome features. It comes with a currency converter and tip calculator which means it is great for frequent travelers and not just for help with translation. It also has a few language learning tools so if there is one vernacular that you want to learn, you can do that with the help of TripLingo while you are on the move.

With the help of the apps mentioned above, you can make your traveling fun even if you have to work most of the time.

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