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Transcript Evaluation Service

Have you ever thought about which was your life’s biggest investment? Well, we are not talking about money. An investment that took years of your life, effort, dedication, and hopes. That investment, we call education. We live in a society where our capabilities are judged based on our degrees. And not just degrees, our academic records are equally important. They are like the certificate of our qualification. They tell the true story of how well we did in our educational careers. So, whenever someone wants to go abroad for higher studies, such as a doctorate, they must prove their worth. And that is done through their academic records. Then it comes to getting Transcript Evaluation Service.

What Is An Academic Record?

An academic record is an official document with detailed information about your academic career. This doesn’t just include your grades or scores but also the courses you took and your ranking and grading in those courses, and vice versa. These papers are especially documented and stamped by the schools or universities.

Student Visa

Students who apply for a study visa in the United States must provide proof of their qualifications. Applicants are only accepted after a thorough evaluation; evaluation reports are mandatory. You must remember that credential evaluation for professional licensure can only be done through the original educational documentation. Organizations working on a global scale have strict rules regarding hiring foreign employees.

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When Do You Require Credential Evaluation?

Well, the top reason why people search for these services is when they decide to study in a different country or plan on migrating to another country. For example, if you are in the US and want to study further in Canada or the US, you must look for evaluation agencies. Whether individuals need a new admission or want to transfer credit to a new university, evaluation of academic credentials is essential. Individuals seeking a professional degree are also asked to submit an evaluation report of their educational credentials. If you are from a country where English is not the native language, your university or school must translate your foreign credentials into English and provide you with your English academic records.

When applying for college admission, you require foreign credential evaluations to validate educational backgrounds, particularly for academic transcripts and official transcripts of advanced degrees. This initial evaluation process ensures the authenticity of original documents and is crucial for obtaining an official evaluation through professional services.

You require credential evaluation when academic documents must be assessed for equivalency in the primary language, utilizing an individual credential evaluation service that provides a complete report and exceptional customer service.

Evaluation process

Most evaluation agencies understand that the evaluation process must be done efficiently. They take 6 to 7 business days to provide the final report. However, to get the US Equivalency report, their professionals may take more time or ask for corrections from the original educational institution. The courses must be aligned with the United States system. This can help international students in the consideration of college eligibility. The admissions officers work directly with international educational consultants and help them make their work easier.

Credential Evaluators

They provide credential evaluators with all the vital points they must check before submitting the evaluation report. However, the most significant aspect of applying overseas is carefully reading instructions from your desired school. Some schools ask the prior schools to send the academic credentials directly to them in a sealed envelope. They have their credential evaluators and don’t rely on agencies or individuals. So before choosing professionals for your evaluation tasks, carefully read the instructions from the school or university where you apply. This can have a huge impact on the applicant’s academic career.

Where to find the best foreign transcript evaluation service?

When seeking the best foreign transcript evaluation service, it’s crucial to consider the types of reports provided, ensuring they encompass original credentials and basic evaluation. Various types of evaluations should be available to meet specific requirements for employment, particularly concerning degree requirements.

Although the internet has numerous answers, we can help you pick the best.

One of the best foreign transcript evaluation services out there. They provide a detailed report required for transfer credit, professional license, teacher certification, and CPA exams that will help your foreign education. At foreign degrees, they don’t only provide you with a detailed evaluation report by documents but also by courses, US grade equivalency, US equivalent credit hours, and a special official report to the school.

All you have to do is submit your original, notarized, or legally permissible documents. Your documents must be clear, visible, and comprehensive. You can pay for the services online via PayPal or money order. But you’ll have to send the documents by mail to the address given on their official website.

World Education Services

Dedicated solely to educational services. It is one of North America’s top education and evaluation-related services, with a promising track record of more than 2500 students and employees accepted in Canada. Apart from evaluations, they can help students find a scholarship, provide career advice and tools, and have their grading calculator for students. They are efficient and claim to deliver your report within 7 business days after receiving the approved documents. You can also download the World Education Services app on your Android or Apple device.

International Student

It’s another awesome service for all the students out there. If they desire to study in the US, this website is a true guide.

Everything is listed on the website, from application processes, state rules, and standardized timelines to evaluations, degree options, and schools. They even educate the students on the eligibility of the credential evaluators. They must be either members of ECE NACES or other similar agencies suggested by the state department.

ECE. org

Can be called in as a winner because the landing page is super attractive for anyone looking to start a life in the US. They have listed all the possibilities so beautifully that anyone would love to try them.


They can help people pursue their careers in the US and Canada. The ECE can also help with evaluations for further studies, employment, and so many other things. They even have seasoned consultants who can give career advice aligned with your future goals.

It is dedicated solely to foreign credentials. They offer highly reputable services for foreign students. Apart from generic evaluations, they offer genre-specific educational credentials evaluations for professions and courses like nursing, teaching, etc. The additional help that they offer is different turnarounds based on urgency. Of course, the pricing is different, but they claim that when you are in need, they are quick but never compromise on quality.

So, this is it: we have listed the top agencies for you. You can compare their prices, get in touch to see how they work, their commitment to delivering on time, etc. Most websites today offer live chat options, so if you have a query, you can ask immediately without any delays. The Email addresses are also listed on these websites, so you can email them if you have a detailed inquiry about any specific concerns.

Certified Translation after transcript evaluation service

Compare your options and pick the most suitable for your requirements. If you have an immigration lawyer, you can also ask for their advice. They’ll most likely be familiar with the process and would certainly point you in the right direction. That’s all from us. Gear up, get your documents, apply for your dream job or degree, and we wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors. We make sure that all your academic transcriptions are translated and certified.

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