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How do we translate a birth certificate – infographic

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2019)

Are you looking to immigrate or get a job, or to continue your education in the US as a foreigner? You’ll need to translate all your personal documents for that, and your translations need to be certified. Here is how we translate a birth certificate, or any other personal document.

Need to translate a birth certificate? Here’s how we do it

The infographic

While reading this article won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, we thought that an infographic may be good to have, so we created one for those people who need to have the information but don’t have enough time to read the article.

The infographic is a convenient alternative to this article and it contains all you need to know about translating a birth certificate or any other document for USCIS, for getting a job or for university admission in the US.

If you want to find out how do we translate a birth certificate, click the image on the right for a larger one, or download the infographic from here.

birth translation
the purpose of translation

What is the purpose of a birth certificate translation?

You will need your birth certificate translation for varieties of purposes, such as employment, legal processes, university applications, visa applications, immigration and so on. The document contains vital information and can be used as identification in quite a few countries. If your birth certificate is written in any other language but English, you’ll need a certified translation.

What can Certified Translation do for you:

  • We translate any language
  • We keep the original format
  • We follow the USCIS regulations
  • You have it done in 24 hours

A Certified Translation

A certified translation is made up of a document signed by us as a translation company, called certificate of accuracy, which ensures that the translation is an accurate, truthful and complete representation of the original document.

Tips to translate a birth certificate into English:

  • The translation must use seals, stamps, signatures, and dashes. It must also be complete and direct
  • The translation should look like the original document
  • Properly assess if the birth certificate translation services provided are accurate
  • Always make sure that the final work is both accurate and efficient
why certification is needed

How does it look like?

If you get your translation from us, it will consist of:

  • Translation of your document which will look exactly like the original, signed and stamped by us on every page;
  • Certificate of accuracy, which states that we are entitled to translate, signed and stamped by us.

The importance of choosing the right agency

It is a great responsibility for a translation service when it comes to translating your personal documents or business documents. When you apply for immigration you need to choose the right provider, so always choose an agency that has a high acceptance rate at USCIS and other such authorities. Our acceptance rate is high in the legal offices of the United States and we never have to face rejection issues in common situations of review by an independent entity.

We are experienced in working with documents intended for USCIS and as such, we guarantee that you won’t have any issues with it being accepted. You will be happy with the service and the translation and you’ll always want to come back to use for more.

Certified Translation is here with the best translation services that you will get in the market. Our experience and quick 24-hour delivery makes us great for translations that are needed at a moment’s notice and also needed to be done the right way. Get in touch if you need to translate a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or other personal documents.

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