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How do we translate a birth certificate – infographic

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Are you looking to immigrate get a job, or continue your education in the US as a foreigner? You’ll need to translate all your personal documents for that, and your translations need to be certified. Here is how we translate a birth certificate or any other personal document.

Need to translate a birth certificate? Here’s how we do it

The infographic

While reading this article won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, we thought that an infographic might be good, so we created one for those who need the information but don’t have enough time to read the article.

The infographic is a convenient alternative to this article, and it contains all you need to know about translating a birth certificate or any other document for USCIS, for getting a job, or for university admission in the US.

If you want to learn how we translate a birth certificate, click the image on the right for a larger one, or download the infographic from here.

birth translation
the purpose of translation

What is the purpose of a birth certificate translation?

You will need your birth certificate translated for various purposes, such as employment, legal processes, university applications, visa applications, immigration, etc. The document contains vital information and can be used as identification in several countries. You’ll need a certified translation if your birth certificate is written in any other language but English.

A birth certificate translation aims to provide a professional translation of the original document from its source language into the target language, ensuring accuracy and compliance with official standards, particularly for immigration purposes. A qualified translator proficient in both languages handles the translation process, including the certification statement, guaranteeing acceptance by official authorities. This vital document, essential for various official purposes, such as visa applications or legal proceedings, requires a reliable translation provider offering quality translations with a quick turnaround time. Ultimately, the complete translation bridges the language barrier, facilitating seamless communication and ensuring the document’s validity in relevant languages.

What can Certified Translation do for you:

  • We translate any language
  • We keep the original format
  • We follow the USCIS regulations
  • You have it done in 24 hours

A Certified Translation

A certified translation is made up of a document signed by us as a translation company, called certificate of accuracy, which ensures that the translation is an accurate, truthful and complete representation of the original document.

Experienced professionals ensure a Certified Translation of essential documents, such as criminal records or academic degrees, meeting certification requirements for immigration authorities and the federal government. They offer affordable rates and deliver within specified timeframes, with additional tools like notary public services available if needed.

With expertise in translating foreign documents, including identification documents and employment contracts, these professionals ensure accuracy and reliability, providing peace of mind for immigration proceedings. Their certifications are recognized by authorized officials, making them a trusted choice for ensuring the accuracy and legality of translated documents.

Tips to translate a birth certificate into English:

  • The translation must use seals, stamps, signatures, and dashes. It must also be complete and direct
  • The translation should look like the original document
  • Properly assess if the birth certificate translation services provided are accurate
  • Always make sure that the final work is both accurate and efficient
why certification is needed

What does it look like?

If you get your translation from us, it will consist of:

  • Translation of your document, which will look exactly like the original, signed and stamped by us on every page;
  • The certificate of accuracy states that we are entitled to translate, sign, and stamp by us.

Our document translation reflects meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and compliance with certification requirements, such as the certification document or certificate of translation, essential for immigration purposes or license applications. Translated from the source document into the native language, our services provided by experienced service providers guarantee a professional outcome, meeting the standards expected for a certificate for immigration or other official purposes.

The importance of choosing the right agency

A translation service has a great responsibility when translating personal or business documents. When you apply for immigration, you must choose the right provider, so always choose an agency with a high acceptance rate at USCIS and other such authorities. Our acceptance rate is high in the legal offices of the United States, and we never have to face rejection issues in common situations of review by an independent entity.

Choosing the right agency is crucial for ensuring the accurate translation of common documents like bank statements or foreign birth certificates, especially for immigration purposes. Experienced translators, certified by the agency, guarantee certification by the translator, catering to the needs of a foreign audience. With prompt delivery times and competitive translation rates, reputable agencies provide additional services such as notarization if necessary. Their commitment to translation accuracy ensures guaranteed acceptance by immigration officers, easing the immigration journey for clients from one country to another. While some agencies may charge extra for these services, the peace of mind they offer is invaluable, making them indispensable for translation for immigration.

We are experienced in working with documents intended for USCIS, so we guarantee that you won’t have any issues with them being accepted. You will be happy with the service and translation and will always want to return to us for more. Selecting the right translation agency with a professional translator is paramount for accurately translating official documents like birth certificates, ensuring precision and reliability, especially when dealing with sensitive records such as police records.

Certified Translation offers the best translation services in the market. Our experience and quick 24-hour delivery make us great for translations that must be done immediately and correctly. Contact me if you need to translate a birth certificate, marriage certificate or other personal documents.

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