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What are the requirements to translate wedding certificate

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

Wedding certificates are essential personal documents and may be needed for presentation for many official purposes. When wedding certificates do need to be made available by officials that use a language different than that in which the document is issued, it is always needed to translate wedding certificate into the required official language.

Wedding Certificate

What was your idea of a perfect marriage ceremony? You and your partner holding hands on a mountain top as the band plays your favorite song? Doves flying behind you when you say your vows? Hiring a romance author to write unique vows for both of you? Or a simple wedding in a church as long as you get to marry the love of your life? No matter what it was, no ceremony ever went according to plan. There are always some last-minute changes and cancellations but what matters is that everything works out in the end. You can laugh about the blunders with your partner in later years.

Good things come out of it too, like the beautiful pictures that you can hang on your walls, and a wedding certificate that proves you officially belong to the love of your life. But this important piece of document can lose its importance when you present it to a government body that does not recognize your country’s official language. In such a case, you will have to get your wedding certificate translated. However, there is no need to worry, as long as you don’t try to carry out the translation yourself and let our experts handle it for you.

What to do when you need to translate wedding certificate

In many cases, marriage certificate translation is of such importance that it needs to be accompanied by a certificate authenticating the accuracy of the translation or an affidavit which affirms the legality and accuracy of the translated document.

wedding translation requirements

What are the requirements?

Depending on what the wedding certificate translation is for, the way the document should be translated may vary. Government agencies have different requirements than private institutions, Different countries will ask for the translation to be presented in different ways. Make sure you know the specific requirements of the country or agency you are translating for before you start your translation.

They say looks are not everything, but that doesn’t hold true with when it comes to translate wedding certificate. Some agencies or countries require that the certificate be an exact copy of the original – seal, signature, and all. Other places may require a different presentation of the translated information. Again, you need to know this information before you begin translating your document. It will save you a big headache later on.

Choose a professional translator

Wedding certificates contain information of importance for employers, educational institutions and government bodies, especially immigration authorities. In almost every country, it is a requirement that wedding certificates are competently translated into the official language of the nation where it is to be presented. Professional legal or wedding certificate translators should be used to provide translations that will be acceptable by the authorities to whom they are presented.

If you need to translate wedding certificate for USCIS, you need to have the translation certified. USCIS no longer requires notarized translation, but other state bodies in the US may need it notarized. It is best that you inquire about what is needed before starting with the translation.

why professional translation

The importance of a professional certified wedding certificate translation

Each country sets its standards to translate wedding certificate. It is essential that the owners of the certificate do their research well before a certificate is submitted for translation. In the US, for instance, all wedding certificate translations in English required for immigration purposes must be completed by a translator who signs and complete a certificate to show that the translation is a real and accurate version of the original. This may or may not be the case in other countries.

In some cases where traditional wedding rituals take place, it may not be a requirement for a formal wedding certificate to be issued. This can cause embarrassment and difficulties if a wedding certificate is necessary when the couple decides to move to another country in their later life. For that reason, it is advisable when the customary or traditional wedding has taken place that a written or printed certificate of some sort verifying the wedding is obtained before attempting to apply for a job, educational course or residence overseas.

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