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Can Certified-Translation.US Help You With Translation and Certification During the Weekend?

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If you need a translation and certification over the weekend, and find that most translation services do not work weekends, don’t worry.  Certified Translation.US can help.  Offering 24 hour a day translation services 7 days a week, we are the fastest translation agency in the US.  If you have an emergency and require translation services, then contact us and we will assist you.

Translation and certification during the weekend

always available

Always available

As being one of the most quickly growing translation companies in the US we have created a technology platform that enables translators to complete their tasks and deliver results faster and with greater accuracy, thus lowering the expense and time it takes to deliver translations.

We are a global company and thus are able to offer 24/7 service to our customers.  We guarantee fastness, high quality and ease of translation with our experienced, professional staff and translators.  You may contact us either by phone or by email and we will work out a plan to help you.

We can be contacted by phone, online chat, email, or even a personal visit to our office.  All you need to do is to be sure that you bring with you or send the appropriate documents for us to review and we’ll tell you what the price will be for your translation and certification.

Customer Service

We are a company where the customer comes first, so all arrangements will be made to accommodate you.  Our translation and certification service is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so weekends are no problem.  If  you require one day service then you will receive your translated document at the end of the day.

You can actually do business without leaving your home in a variety of ways:  online chat, email or uploading your documents.  We will get back to you promptly, usually within just a few minutes.

quality customer support

Translation and certification can both sum up to prove a bit heavy on the pocket and can exceed the budget with the additional payments following immigration. But, at Certified Translation, you do not need to worry about high prices encompassing translations.

We offer the cheapest and affordable rates feasible for any client reaching out to us. We have the best kind of deals for any document that you wish to translate from one language to another language without any compromise in quality. We do not even charge additional rates or rush rates in the case of urgent delivery. We realize that reliability is highly important and we wish to fulfill our claim of providing the best services at the cheapest rates.


With the increase in demand of online translations, we are here to improve our service for our respectable clients rather than raising the fares and creating obstructions for them. Reach out to us whenever you need translation and certification and get a free quote.

Questions about translation and certification

  • What is the process for obtaining a certified translation of official documents?

    The process for obtaining a certified translation of official documents depends on the purpose of the documents and the laws and regulations of the local area in which you reside. Generally, the first step would be to identify an appropriate certified translator in your area. Most certified translators are registered with their respective organizations and are experts in their chosen language(s). You should contact the translator and explain what type of documents need to be translated and what you will be using the translations for. The translator should be able to provide a quote and any specific instructions. Once you have received the quote and accepted it, the translator will begin the translation process. Depending on the size and complexity of the documents, this process could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Upon completion, the translator will deliver the translations to you in the appropriate format, as well as the certification to confirm their accuracy.

  • What types of documents often require certified translation services?

    Certified translation services are required for a variety of document types, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, academic records, driver’s licenses, passports, and legal documents like contracts, powers of attorney, and patent applications. All of these documents need to be certified because they must meet specific criteria, like authenticity, accuracy, and legal recognition in the countries they’re used in. It’s important to find a translation service provider who can deliver reliable, accurate, and certified translations, in order to ensure that these documents meet all the legal and linguistic requirements.

  • How can I verify the accuracy and authenticity of a certified translation?

    Verifying the accuracy and authenticity of a certified translation can be done in a few simple steps. First, make sure to find a reputable translation service provider who has a history of delivering high-quality, accurate translations. Ask them for their certifications and review their credentials to ensure that the translation will be accurate and authentic. Next, check their rates and reviews to determine if they have a good track record. Finally, get a copy of the translated document, compare it to the original source material, and check it against a reputable online dictionary to make sure the translation is accurate.

  • What languages are commonly requested for translation and certification services?

    Generally speaking, the most common languages requested for translation and certification services are Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Japanese. However, depending on the specific services offered, different languages may be requested. For example, if the services focus on medical, legal, or scientific translations, then additional languages like Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu may also be requested. Regardless, it is important to choose a professional translation and certification service that can meet the specific language requirements you have in order to get accurate and reliable translations and certifications.

  • How much does it cost to have a document professionally translated and certified?

    It depends on the complexity and length of the document you need to be translated and certified. On average, translation services can range from $0.08 to $0.30 per word depending on the language and type of service you need. Certified translations generally require additional fees depending on the specific certification and how it will be used. If you are looking for an estimate, you can contact a certified translator or translation service provider and they can give you an accurate cost.

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