Translation of immigration documents

Translation of immigration documents, where to get it?

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

Are you looking to immigrate to another country and wondering what documents you will need to get translated? Here is a list and tips on where to get translation of immigration documents for cheap.

Everyone is a bit afraid of change whether they like to admit it or not. Even those who love change cannot help but be a little scared of it. Especially when someone is taking a big decision and reshaping their life, it is bound to make them a little nervous. And that’s okay, because a little fear helps us prepare for something better. Many people claim that they study best for an exam when they are stressed about it. As long as your stress doesn’t stop you from being productive, you can use it to your advantage. When you decide to move to a foreign land for good, you are going to feel a little scared of the move, after all, it is a huge decision of your life and will change things permanently.

But, as long as you know what to look forward to, you will be good. There are many steps you can take to make sure this move turns out to be smooth and problem free and one way of doing that is getting your required documents in order. If you need translation of your immigration documents then get in touch with us instead of trying to handle this complex task yourself.

Translation of Immigration Documents

Translation of immigration documents

how to get cheap translation

How to get cheap translation of immigration documents

Well, mostly it really does depend on the country that you are immigrating to. But of course, there is a basic rule to be followed by all the immigration-related documents.

Certified Translation has seen that the basic rule is pretty simple; all the documents that are your personal and family history in any way or any kind are to be collected for the immigration process!

Does your mother have a citizenship card? You need to show one! Does your dad who was born in the early thirties have an immigration card? We need that as well.

There are plenty of capable and successful individuals who have incomplete family documents that will all be needed for immigration to be completed and translated.

You can get cheap, yet guaranteed to be accepted translation for immigration from us. We are a well-known, trusted translation agency in New York which doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for your translations.

The most common immigration documents

These are the documents that have to be translated following particular details in common and then specific details that are exclusive to the document itself.

  • Birth Certificate: The birth certificate has to be translated following the requirements stated above.
  • Death Certificate: Death Certificate also has to be translated if any of your parents, siblings, spouse or children have passed away. If there were any fatalities in your family, you have to mention them in your immigration documents.
  • Marriage And Divorce Certificate: Your marriage and divorce certificates will also be translated. And the details of your ex-spouse are also to be submitted.
most common immigration documents
  • Education Certificate: Your education certificate will also be translated along with your mark sheets, academic records, and all other documents from high school, college, and universities including your diplomas.
  • Medical Records: Your medical case history, mentioning all the surgical, medical, homeopathic and any other procedures have to be submitted to the USCIS. You will include records from since birth.
  • Police Certificate; You will submit a certificate from the police station in your area of residence from now and anytime in the past stating that you have never been convicted.
  • Spouse’s Identification Card: You will also submit the identification card of the spouse.
  • Children’s Birth Certificates: You will submit birth certificates of all of your children.
  • Adoption papers: If you have adopted any children or you were adopted yourself, you will submit adoption details as well as the original parentage of the child under discussion.
  • Passport: First and foremost, you have to get your passport translated for immigration purposes in a specific manner. It is not too complicated, but best go to a well-certified translation agency that is approved by the American Embassy.
  • Citizenship Identification Card: You will get your citizenship identification card translated in the same way as your passport, by a well-accredited translation agency.

Translation of immigration documents: the requirements

The common specifications that are to be followed by any translation of immigration documents are:

  • Professional Translator: Every translator who translates the documents that are to be submitted to USCIS has to be a professional translator. Or else the documents will not be considered credible by the agency.
  • Certified Translations: All documents need to carry certified translations meaning that all the translations need to have a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ stating that the translation has been done accurately and carrying the credentials and contact details of the translator and translation agency.
  • Formatting: All translations have to be formatted exactly the same way as the original document. All markings, logos, signatures, articles, and other details have to be copied exactly as the original document.
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