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What is an Affidavit for Name Change?

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2022)


Have you ever wanted to change your name because you don’t like it and want a different name of your choice, but worried about the procedure and all legal proceedings? Well, it’s nothing to worry about! The thing that you need to do is get an “Affidavit for the name change.”

An affidavit is a written statement given by a person that is sworn to be true. It’s more like an oath that the individual takes to prove that he/she is saying the truth. The statements of a witness or witnesses confirm the affidavit.

Moving on to Affidavit for Name Change, what exactly it is? why one need it? and how to get it? The process involves a complete procedure. Read the article till the end to know the details.

What is an Affidavit for Name Change?

Name Change Affidavit is a document in which an individual gives a sworn statement about his real name along with the previous or incorrect name in a certain document. Here are the few steps involves in the Correction Affidavit process.

Firstly, draft the affidavit and provide the details of the previous name and new name.

Then execute the Affidavit on a correction affidavit form.

After that, get your Affidavit attested and seal it by the Notary Public.

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Examples of Affidavit for Name Change

Affidavit for name changes officially requires a proper amount of paperwork. Whether it’s name change after marriage, divorce, family legal matters, court order on providing information on the process, you need to visit to make your name change legally. Some examples of Name Change Affidavit include:

1. Legal Name Change

Changing your name involves a legal process that varies depending upon your state; generally, it begins by petitioning the court for your new name change. The legal processing of name changing can take a few months; it requires a sample notice to be delivered to the relevant party or published in the newspaper. So, if you want to change your first name, the only possible way is the legal name change. The legal name change process can be applicable for couples who want to change their last name after getting married as well as for the parents who want to change their minor child’s name.

2. Marriage Name Change

After getting married to live happily ever after, you need to take your marriage name legally. The married name change process requires you to take your spouse’s last name or choose a different one. In addition, the process is quite straightforward, get your marriage certificate to the relevant agencies to have your name legally changes to your married name.

3. Divorce Name Change

The legal process of getting a divorce is tiring and time-consuming. The memories are harsh, no need to look back just move on. Take the first step and change your name back to the one you have before marriage. The judge will change your desired name on the final divorce certificate. This will allow you to get your name back by showing the final divorce decree as proof. However, if a divorce certificate doesn’t allow or specify that you will be changing your name, you can make it possible through the process of the legal name change.

4. Minor Child’s Name Change

If you want to change your baby’s name, you need to go through the legal process of the minor name change process. The minor child’s name change process depends on the rules and regulations of the state. After deciding the new name for your child, you will need to start by petitioning the court with the desired name and required a notice delivered to the relevant family.

The legal processing to get your minor’s name change requires submission of several forms or certificates, such as original birth certificate, birth form oral notice from hospital staff that you get at the time of your child’s birth, etc. Sometimes you have to submit the affidavit of father and mother, and copies of birth certificate to the legitimate birth record, to have a record of the child’s name.

5. Family Name Change

People who want to change their legal name to multiple people in their family can go through the family name change process. You can petition for a family name change if you want to change it for more than one child, or yourself or your children. Unlike others, the process of a family name change varies some states accept one form for the whole family, while the other states require a form for each of the family members. It is crucial to make it clear what are your state’s requirements when applying for a legal change of multiple family members’ names.

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Notarized Affidavits

A Notarized Affidavits is a written statement needed when the person is unable to provide the original or source document to confirm the facts on the application. For instance, if your legal in legitimate birth record is different from the names of other documents such as a certificate, degree, work permit, etc., and you aren’t able to provide the original document of your marriage license or legal name change documents, you need to get a Notarized Affidavit to further officially proceedings.

A Notarized Affidavits includes:

  • Current name
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • The list of names used and the type of document.
  • Signature of applicate
  • Information of Notary Public
  • Sworn statement by the notary public.

How much does it cost to change your name?

The cost of the forms that you need to petition the court includes charges. Other charges you may be for court proceedings include:

  • Filing Fees
  • Fees associated with the signatures
  • Seal of Notary Public
  • Post charges for certified mailing
  • Legal service charges

There isn’t any exact estimate of what cost will be needed due to the change in the standards and circumstances surrounding any legal case. Moreover, the process of changing a name varies from state to state and even from courthouse to courthouse. It is better to contact the court clerk to find out the current cost of these fees.

Translation of Name Change Affidavit

People need translation of Name Change Affidavits for so many reasons as it smoothens a lot of legal and official processes, such as adoption or immigration visas. When it comes to the translation of personal documents, the content must be present the exact meaning of what is determined to state. The translation is a key to the doors of the language barrier, and it fulfills various objectives. The translation of a name change Affidavit is needed when it needs to be presented to a foreign authority with a different language. Check this page to know about Name Change Certificate Translation Service.

Furthermore, some authorities require a certified translation of the Name Change Affidavit to ensure the accuracy and completion of translation. Only certified translation agencies can perform certified translation well. Small or minor mistakes lead to delay in legal processes as well as misinterpretation which causes severe problems.

If you don’t need any delays or prolonged proceedings, it is better to approach a professional translation company and get an accurate Name change Affidavit translations. They know the format and rules of the state and provide the work according to the standards, so you don’t have to get worried. Just get the translation and submit it straight to authorities.

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