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What is an Official Translation?

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2020)

Sometimes legal bodies in the United States will need an official translation. Read this article to find out what it is and where to get it at a fair price. An official translation is another way of saying a notarized translation.  These are frequently needed by formal governmental and legal offices.  Although a step above certified translation, the notarization procedure is more formal than that necessitated for a certified translation.

Why official translation?

notarization is still needed

Notarization is still needed

Notarization of translated documents requires the translator of the documents visit the offices of a Public Notary and state both in an oath and in writing that the translation is a true and honest translation.  While it sounds like it might be more complicated than that, and perhaps a bit intimidating, it’s basically a simple process that doesn’t require any preparation other than bringing the documents in question with you.  And it won’t take very long either.

The Notary then marks the certification with a certified stamp.  Once that step is completed, that is verified proof that the documents in question are legitimate.  However, it should be understood that this type of verification called official translation does carry more legal strength as a certified translation does.  While certain officials may request it of you, just be aware that a certified translation is usually enough, although notarization is still quite popular.

An extra level of security?

With notarization, it’s more a matter of getting that extra reassurance that the documents you are receiving are legitimate.  It’s certainly more legally binding and it does carry a lot of value with it.  Certified translation is also a guarantee that the documents have been translated word for word and are a true reflection of the originals.  Both processes cost money, of course, but notarization of documents is more expensive than certified translation.

Frequently it proves to be the case that only certification of the translation is needed.  This is why you should always check with the individual or office that is requesting the notarization. Often times the office requesting the translation will only need it to be certified as a means of protection against fraud.

an extra level of security

How to get official translation

Now you know what is an official translation. We provide certified translation but can also do notarized translation. Check out our translation tool to find out the prices for each type of translation.

Obtaining official translations has never been easier or accessible because with our online services, you can acquire translations within the required time and that too, without the additional charges or rush rates charged in a hidden manner.

We have a well-established system where you can easily ask for a quote and have it emailed back to you within minutes, for free! You will the be updated regularly about the status of the project at hand. You can even communicate the translator to discuss the project beforehand to avoid any minimal errors and to attain the required efficiency and accuracy in the translation.

For getting official translation at the best rates, reach out to us and we will get back to you with a translation solution bound to leave you satisfied with our skill-oriented quality work. It is with your efforts this agency has climbed to the top, help us repay the favor.

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