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When is a Translation Certified

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Translation Certified

Every industry in this world has associations that make rules for it. These rules make the smooth running of an industry possible. They also make it easier for the workers of that industry to progress in their field and achieve awards and certificates. The rules and regulations set up by these associations define the path of an industry that keep it flourishing. They also publish journals and books regularly to update the rules. The books help outsiders understand about the field and give workers a chance to improve their performance with the help of new tools and techniques. If there is no such association to keep a field up to date with the changing times, it will get outdated and fade into nothingness. However, people need industries and that’s why it is important to have associations that keep the industries running.

There are various examples of such associations. For instance, the American Psychological Association is the one that engages in scientific research regarding mental health and come up with updated classification to provide help to more and more people. They also offer support and learning material to all the psychologists of the world. Their research has not only helped the field of psychology as a whole but also the psychologists and the people struggling with mental health issues.

The problems of languages are many. We live in the digital world today where new memes and slangs are taking over the world every other week. There is a language of the internet that is completely impossible to understand for someone who has never used social media. Even those who regularly use social media miss out on new terms of the internet and have to look them up to understand what the new craze is all about. Since memes and stan language is what people use these days to talk to each other, it is important to understand those terms in order to communicate with them. Although there isn’t an association that can help us connect with the people of the internet, there is one that can regulate the way we interpret documents.

translation certified

The Importance of Translation and American Translation Association:

translation certified

In a world where the population is increasing so rapidly, it is important that we stay connected to each other for mutual benefits. But the differences between languages prevent that communication. Translation is something that can not only help businesses and healthcare professionals, but also individuals to connect with each other and establish relationships that will save the world with the power of unity. American Translation Association or ATA, is the association that regulates the translation industry. ATA makes rules about the work of everyone in the industry, award them certificates based on their qualification, and help them with different documents’ translation via forms.

However, the biggest question that people want the ATA to answer is about certified translations. A lot of people get confused about the term since an interpreter doesn’t really have to be certified to carry out these interpretations. But the ATA has not disappointed people on this front and given them a detailed account of what the term means and how to make sure you are getting high-quality work from a language service provider.

When is a Translation Certified?

In order to understand what it actually is, it is important to find out what actually makes a translation certified. If a translated document is accompanied by the following information, it is certified:

  • A statement detailing the qualification of the translator.
  • A statement about the accuracy and completeness of the paper.
  • Name of the translated document’s language.
  • The date along with the name and signature of the translator.

As long as the person you hired to handle your document provides you the final paper along with the above-mentioned information, you don’t have to worry about anything else. ATA also explains that although a translator doesn’t have to be certified to carry out this task, it is better if they have experience in the field. And no person should try to carry out the translation themselves or do it for their friends or family. Such interpretations are often rejected by the organization or institute to whom it is presented.

The details mentioned at the bottom of a certified translation can also be provided by a language service provider. Such agencies have the authority to certify the document on the behalf of a freelancer. All they have to do is review the document and make sure it doesn’t have any errors or missing elements. Once they are sure of the accuracy, they certify it and hand it over to the client.

ATA also informs translators to ask their clients about their requirements beforehand. For instance, if they want a notarized translation, you must do the signature at the bottom of the document in front of a notary public so they can witness it and give it their seal of approval. In case a translator is certified by ATA and have their CT seal, they can use it to add to the weight of the document’s validity. The seal makes the document more credible and the end user can verify the details of the translator from ATA’s database. The backing of the association will give an edge to the work of the interpreter and no one will doubt their ability to carry out an accurate and complete translation of all kinds of documents. The documents that come with a CT seal will be accepted more readily by institutions than the ones without it.

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