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Why Is Certified Translation for DMV Tricky?

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Do you have a driving license? It is an official document of plastic, comparatively the size of a credit card, permitting an individual to operate one or more types of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. According to the Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS), anyone above the age of 18 can apply for a driving license. Some people have no driving license but they still drive without any fear. But there are other places where driving without a license is strictly prohibited. If you are moving to a new place, you may need a certified translation of your driving license so that you can submit it to the DMV. Now some people have zero knowledge about this term. Let’s understand it briefly first.

What is DMV?

DMV stands for the Department of Motor Vehicle. It is an agency having the responsibility of handling all the things related to vehicles. These include registration of the vehicle, issuance of driving license and ID cards, title transfers, emission inspections, selling personalized license plates, bills of sale, documents for immigration service, and more.

In different countries, this agency has different names. Although many consumers would have to wait for hours to get their driving license or renew it, now DMV has made efforts to streamline their processing. They even provide some of the offers online.

certified translation DMV
certified translation DMV

Sometimes, you need to have all your legal documents translated if you have to submit them to a foreign agency or you are moving abroad. In this case, your driving license will also need certified translation. Let’s explore why we need it.

Why Translation of a Driving License Is Needed?

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires a certified and court-approved accurate translation service of original documents in English. These documents include driver’s license, driver authorization card, identification card, and commercial driver’s license. Usually, people get a translation if local laws say that already having a foreign driver’s license puts you on the fast track of getting a local driver’s license.

So for example, a migrant of France living in the United States may translate his French driving license into English to get a U.S. driving license faster. The purpose of translating can be an immigration service or any other traveling purpose. You can get translation from NPS translation services.

What Are the Driver’s License Requirements?

If you need to translate your driver’s license and submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles in any of the 51 states, make sure you fulfill their requirements. Each state has different requirements regarding the translation of a foreign driver’s license.

Though some states do not require a foreign driver’s license in English translation rather they prefer other foreign languages. Unfortunately, even different offices have different requirements to translate a foreign driver’s license, but how will you know that which one is the best suited for you.

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Read the instructions given on the official website of the agency to get familiar with their requirements.
  • To get a legal and valid driving license, you will need to find a 24/7 driver’s license translation office that provides an official translation of your foreign driver’s license.
  • Translation of your driving license is a legitimate and sensitive process and therefore you need to find a service that provides notarized translation of driver’s license in case of any drawback.
  • Select any foreign language in which you need a translation. You can get help from the instructions file of your agency.
  • The applicant should be above 18 or 21 age to drive the car and must have a valid driver’s license.
  • If you are translating it in any foreign language like Turkey, you can find certified translators for immigration services.
  • In case you are an immigrant, the availability of your original driver’s license is a must thing. Instead, bring all of your legal and official documents.

Renewing the License

Drivers who go to the DMV to renew their license need to send a copy of their birth certificate along with the renewal application form. People who were born in non-English speaking countries should apply for the certified translation of their birth certificate when they have to access immigration service. These translations are accessible from companies providing the certified translation services.

Companies in Los Angeles, the most populous city in the state of California specializes in providing certified translations of birth certificates for the USCIS to help people who need certified translation for any purpose. The translation of any other document or your birth certificate will be then submitted to the DMV should be accurate and professionally completed.

certified translation DMV
certified translation DMV

Approved Translators Needed Only for Certain DMV Offices

The DMV requires a typed and electronically printed translation of any document. On the official website of DMV, you should use one of the DMV-approved translators from the given list. Your translation must contain the following:

  • A DMV-Approved Translator Number if required
  • Type of document translated
  • Date of Translation
  • Translation company
  • Translator’s printed name and signature

No matter which translator or translation agency you hire, make sure you compare their services and price for translating with other translators to get the best service you want. Do not give your original document to the translator, instead give them a copy. Do background research on the translator or the translation agency and read reviews of their work.

And after reading that, select a qualified translator or an official agency that can provide you a complete and accurate translation. Remember that they are not accepting applications for Spanish translations.

Certified Translation of a Driver’s License

Certified translation simply means that the translation is accompanied by the certification letter provided by a translation company that states that the translation provided is legit and valid. The process of getting certified translation of your driver’s license includes three following steps:

  • Prepare your documents – scan or take pictures of your documents that you want your translator to translate like a driver’s license. A passport, divorce decree, birth certificate, or marriage license from another country also needs translation. A divorce decree may be used as authority to resume using a previous name only if it contains the new name and previous name, and permits the individual to once again use the previous name.
  • Order and Pay Online – after sending the documents, order and pay online timely after your satisfaction with the translation. The guaranteed turnaround should be about 48 Hours 4-8 pages for your translation to be done. Decide on the pricing contact before getting the translation.
  • Receiving Translation – After receiving your translation, submit them to the official agency to get your purpose done. Follow their privacy policy to meet their requirements.
  • Certification of your driving license – ask your translator to also certify your document with the help of a certification letter. For the safe side, ask the translator to double-check the document for correct certification and complete translation.

Why Is Certified Translation for DMV Tricky?

Certified translation for the Department of Motor Vehicles is tricky sometimes. It is because there is a lot of tricky requirement in the choice DMV services. The certification relates with the attestation of your documents and then submitting them for whichever purpose is needed.

Since these translations can be tricky you need to hire a translator or a translation agency that can provide professional service and provides you the best-certified translation.

Always check with the DMV office in your State what the requirements are and if they have a special form that need to be filled in by the Translation Agency or the translator.

certified translation DMV
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