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Certificate of Birth and Why Is It Needed?

It is the most important primary document a person can have. It not only records your birth but also becomes proof of your national identity. There are multiple reasons why it is so important. Without it, you cannot get admission to the school. If someone wants to immigrate to the United States, they will need to show this document as proof of their national identity. Each country’s birth form is different. There are also different names and types of this document. They are sometimes called birth registration certificates. There are long-form and short-form birth documents. A legal birth record is a primary document that everyone must keep safe.

How to Get a Birth Certificate from Nepal?

There is a significant percentage of the population of Nepal that doesn’t have a birth record. People can get citizenship of Nepal and obtain their passport without this document as long as they have the NID card or a driver’s license. But if a citizen of Nepal wants to immigrate to the United States or study in a foreign country, they will need proof of birth. Although NID Cards in Nepal contain the same information as a birth registration certificate, they are not issued to children. As a result, people will need their legal birth document to prove their national identity that they are a citizen of Nepal.

Birth in Nepal is registered by the village development committee. As a result, the village development committee office or ward office can issue a birth certificate Nepal. Up to 35 days after birth, the registration is free. After 35 days, the applicant must pay 8 Nepalese rupees for the registration. A person can request the issuance of their birth records or a family member can do it for them.

You can submit your application form to the local registrar’s office. You will have to bring proof of your citizenship of Nepal to obtain birth records. You can use the NID card to prove your identity and get your certificate. You will have to pay a small fee. After that, the Nepalese authorities will let you know when you can come back to collect certified copies of your primary document. Once you have your birth record and your NID card both, they can act as proof of your Nepalese citizenship. You can use them to apply for immigration to the United States.

If you are a citizen of Nepal who was born outside of the country, you can get in touch with the local embassy and send your application to the Consulate General of Nepal. In New York City, you can send the fee to the Consulate General of Nepal and get your evidence of birth or NID card easily. There is also the Embassy of Nepal in Washington, DC that can help Nepalese in the state. You can apply for anything from evidence of birth to the NID card or citizenship of Nepal to the non-resident Nepali (NRN) ID by sending your application form to the Consulate General of Nepal in Washington, DC. Once you have the NID card, you will have proof of your legal identity as a Nepalese. If you have a Nepal citizenship certificate, you won’t be able to get citizenship of any other country because Nepali nationals cannot have dual nationality. You will lose your citizenship of Nepal if you become the national of a foreign country.

Nepal’s Document Issue:

In 2008, Plan International reported that only 40% of Nepal’s population had their birth registered. Although a claim to citizenship can be made without proof of birth, people of the country have to face problems when applying for any type of documentation. There is a lack of communication with local authorities that does not allow the state to implement its documentation policies properly. Nepal Citizenship certificates are the most important document for Nepalese citizens, but even that is not something that everyone in the country has. Not having a citizenship certificate meant not being able to vote because the Supreme Court had instructed the electoral commission to only register voters with a citizenship certificate. According to the Kathmandu Post, the electoral commission has been accepting other forms of identification to issue voter identification cards. But in another report by the Kathmandu Post, it was revealed that people have been using fake driver’s licenses to register as voters.

A new identification card was introduced by the government to resolve the issue. According to the Himalayan Times, the new national identity card will be biometric. The card is printed in the official language of Nepal, Nepalese. But the Nepali nationality problem remains because of insufficient efforts by the government of Nepal to resolve the issue. The smart national identity card was introduced last year to make things easier for the citizens of Nepal. Anyone of Nepalese origin can request the issuance of the NID card.

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Applying for US immigration:

People who want to renounce their citizenship of Nepal and move to the US will have to go through the immigration process. They will have to submit identification documents including copies of passport. They will also have to submit passport size photographs. Even if the applicant is applying for adjustment of status, they will have to submit their legal documents. They will also have to submit an affidavit of support or proof of employment if applicable. Vaccination records and arrest records are also needed some time when applying for immigration. But all the foreign documents including a foreign birth certificate and citizenship certificate that are in the official language of Nepal must be translated first. Foreign documents must be translated into English. But there is no need to visit the office of a notary public as USCIS does not require notarized translations of foreign documents anymore.

Those filing form I 485 will not have to submit an affidavit of support. If, when submitting secondary evidence, the applicant does not have a required document, they must submit proof of non-existence issued by the relevant civil authority. If they don’t have access to documentation then they will have to obtain the certified copies from the relevant civil authority or USCIS will reject their application. Some type of identification document is a must for applying for US immigration. You might also need additional documentation depending on the type of your immigration application. However, it must be kept in mind that a citizen of Nepal cannot keep dual nationality. The applicant’s national identity documents or the NID card will become invalid once they become a foreign national. Claiming U.S. citizenship is only possible by renouncing your Nepalese citizenship.

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