certificate of accuracy

What is a certificate of accuracy and where to get it

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

You are asked to get a certified translation of the content that you are getting translated. You will be required to understand what a certificate of accuracy looks like. We have written plenty of articles on USCIS’ document policies and how they are implemented.

Certificate of accuracy

Today, we decided to think out of the box. We have come up with this article as many people have asked how our certification looks like. But before that, you should know that, in general, there are two types of certified translation statements:

  • If you have conducted the translation yourself.
  • If you have gotten the content translated by a third-party translator.

Both can be downloaded from here.

translation sample

Some things to note

First, you are not allowed to translate your own documents. A friend can, however, translate your personal documents for you. The only problem is, the translation will not look like the original unless your friend is good at using software that can replace text in an image.

Second, if a friend does the translation for you, you will have to notarize it. That means your friend has to go to the notary which will attest that the translation was done by your friend.

While there are plenty of cases where such a translation has been accepted, we had a lot of clients coming to us because USCIS didn’t accept the translation done by their friends. We’d say you’d be safer having a translation company do it for you.

How does our certificate of accuracy look like?

If you wanted to have a look at our certificate of accuracy, click the next image for a larger one. This is what we provide with every certified translation, and we have yet to see one translation done by us rejected by the USCIS.

In case you were wondering how the translation will look like, it’s easy: it will look like the original document. What we do is to extract the text from the picture of the document that you have provided, translate the text, then add it back into the template. Yeah, it’s easier to say it than actually do it as it most of the times takes more time than the actual translation.

Please note that since names can be translated in different ways, if you order a translation from us, we will send you a draft translation in order for you to review the text. You will have to click the link in the email we sent you in order to approve it, or reply to the email in order to send us your comments.

certificate of accuracy sample

Certified Translation has written this simple post with a clear idea in our heads, whether you are our client or not, you should know how general governmental organizations expect a sample certified translation to look like. If you need something translated fast, get in touch when you want, we are up and running around the clock.

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