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How to Get Certified Document Translation from Spanish into English?

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2024)

Today, the Hispanic market is the fastest-growing market in other parts of the world. In the US, almost half of the nation’s population is Spanish-speaking individuals. Some of them are immigrants who surely need certified document translation services for their immigration cases. Others have developed the biggest firms and businesses throughout the country and the world.

How can you get a certified document translation from Spanish into English?

Spanish businesses expand

When Spanish businesses expand

A translation service is necessary when these Spanish businesses and companies expand into Spanish-speaking countries. You need to explain how your products and services work in the language of the country where you are expanding, with consideration to the legalities for promotional value and to establish your presence.

In Spanish business, certified translations in the Spanish language are paramount, particularly for legal documents requiring accurate Spanish translations. Spanish translation services provided by qualified translators ensure precision and reliability, especially for official translations of business documents. Whether it’s translating academic certificates or navigating legal matters, a reputable translation company proficient in the Spanish language pair is indispensable. With competitive rates and certification statements, businesses can trust in the authenticity of their translated documents for legal proceedings within a few business days.

Thus, translation services from Spanish to English have become quite popular. With this, you might be wondering how a company or officer-in-charge can get a certified document translation from Spanish into English.

Translation Agencies and Independent Translators

You can acquire a certified document translation from Spanish into English through a translation agency or an independent translator.

What is a Translation Agency?

A translation agency is a company that employs certified translators who are experts in the chosen language translation services and in the legal conditions that come with it.

Due to the high demand in the translation industry, many translation agencies have surfaced to fulfill the required translation services.

certified translation agencies

Who is an Independent Translator?

An independent translator is an individual translator who works alone. They are usually freelance translators who don’t belong to any company or group.

However, independent translators have a license or certification to do the translation job. You can see them on freelancing sites that promote freelance independent translators.

Freelancer Or Certified Translator, Whom Do We Prefer?

When deciding between a freelancer or a certified translator, it’s essential to prioritize professional translators who ensure accurate translations for various types of documents and translation projects. While freelancers may offer human translators for academic documents or financial statements, certified translators guarantee high-quality translations throughout the translation process. Their expertise covers a wide range of common documents backed by a certificate of accuracy, making them the preferred choice for professional translations.

It’s crucial to consider factors such as the source language and target language proficiency, ensuring accurate translation of documents, especially technical documents like bank statements, which may require expertise in specific fields. Certified translators are preferred due to their ability to navigate cultural differences and provide reliable translations for various types of documents, including those needed for academic institutions. Additionally, their commitment to meeting delivery times adds to their appeal, making them the preferred choice for professional translation services.

Some may prioritize the lowest rate when deciding between an independent and certified translator, particularly for Spanish translation projects like user manuals or marketing materials. However, the certificate of accuracy provided by a certified translator may outweigh the cost consideration for precise technical translations or legal documents required by law firms. Additionally, while an independent translator may offer lower rates, the risk of errors, especially when relying on machine translation or lacking expertise in the primary language, should be carefully weighed against the potential savings.

Certified translation services

Often, certified document translations are not simultaneously available from the same company, but we offer both services at the best rates.

We deal with all kinds of documents, and we translate them no matter if the document is to be submitted at an educational institution, a report to be published in the office meetings, an official document to be handed out to the court, a medical translation for healthcare purposes or a legal document to be submitted to USCIS. No matter the kind of document that you are reaching out to us for, we can aid you with the best translation and certification services.

Certified document translation has never been easier to acquire. Now, you can just reach out to us on our website, get a free quote emailed to you and grant yourself access to the best customer service in the US, which can be recognized all over America.

We offer you the most affordable rates in the industry for certified document translation. The most commonly needed documents as certified are the birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate and death certificate. Many other documents can also be needed in certified translated forms.

It is very important to look for a translation agency that provides you the high-quality certified translation. The immigration authorities and other higher authorities do not accept anything less than high quality. You can not play perilously with your personal documents, and it is suggested to look up to a trusted translation agency that guarantees you the best services with a quick turnaround time.

Regardless of your choice, ensure you are dealing with a reputable translation agency or independent translator. Contact Certified Translation to get your documents translated at a fair price.


Accuracy of certified translations is ensured by employing official translators who are ATA-certified and backed by linguistic and subject matter expertise. These professionals meticulously navigate cultural nuances and regional differences to deliver precise translations of vital records, academic records, and legal documents, such as employee handbooks, for the immigration process. Project managers oversee the process, guaranteeing competitive prices without compromising on quality, while additional services, like affidavits of accuracy, add an extra layer of assurance. Entrusting the task to an official translation agency guarantees accurate translations of business plans and other documents crucial for various purposes.

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