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You Need To Know About Certified Medical Papers Translation

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

Certified Medical Papers Translation  

A Certified Medical Papers Translation can be extremely useful in certain circumstances, but it’s not the same as any other translation, so it needs to be approached in an entirely different way.

It’s not like legal or literary translation either; there are some specific rules and regulations governing certified medical papers translations that you need to know about before starting your work with them.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Certified Medical Papers Translation.

With this, you’ll be prepared to take on any medical papers translation project that comes your way!

What are certified medical translations?

Medical translations are translated documents that come from medical reports, pharmaceutical companies and the human medical fields.

Medical documents are accurate to the target language because they are both certified and validated by a trusted third party (such as qualified professionals with in-depth expertise in translation).

Certified translators go through a tough certification process where they are tested on their skills and receive translation certification which ensures translation accuracy.

Accurate translations also contribute to fewer document errors or misinterpretations of phrases. This can improve patient safety by giving doctors access to reliable information that accurately reflects what the original text means.

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Why do you need a certified medical translation?

The success of the medical translation agency relies on the efficiency of its team members. If a translator isn’t skilled in the field they are translating, their work will be of little use to you.

Choose a certified medical translation company to ensure you get nothing but good quality translations that you can put your faith in.

Medical reports and records often contain personal data and as such should only be translated by someone who is qualified to do so.

Choosing a certified medical translation agency will guarantee this quality standard is upheld throughout every single aspect of your documents’ translations, and no aspect is overlooked or compromised due to lack of expertise in the area being translated.

Medical records provide information about an individual’s medical history and needs; therefore, if it contains confidential information, it must be translated carefully to maintain privacy and integrity.

A professional medical document translation service understands the importance of confidentiality for medical records because these types of records need to protect people’s private lives from prying eyes.

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What type of these kinds of translations exists?

There are several types of translations that you can get from professional translators. Standard translations will usually be the first and most widely used type.

This is a common translation that is to aid in understanding the meaning and content of an original text. Human translations are slightly more complex, but they maybe what you’re looking for if you need someone with medical knowledge to do the translating for you.

With these kinds of translations, a translator will often use their professional judgement when translating difficult words or situations as opposed to following specific rules like with standard texts.

Another type of medical translation service is human-machine combo where a machine will translate the written text into one language, then an individual will provide an accurate translation back into the original language using their knowledge of both languages.

Is there any kind of certification you should look for when hiring a certified medical translator?

First and foremost, it is important to make sure you are working with a certified translator, for the most accurate results. When choosing a translator, always look for one that has experience in medical translations- your medical report translation will be more effective this way.

Ideally, your translator should have had the same education level as you and the language of certification must be at least on par with the target language.

Remember, there are many people who speak English fluently- but they may not be accredited professionals. Check with your translating company to make sure they only work with accredited translators!

They should be able to provide an NNAI (National Network of Accredited Translators) member certificate or ATA (American Translators Association) membership number if you request.

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What type of special knowledge is required in order to become a certified medical translator?

Becoming a certified medical translator requires that the person knows two or more languages well, but also has a solid understanding of medical terminology.

In order to be effective, this process can take up to 3 years. The candidate should study not only the language itself, but various theories related to the interpretation of medical papers from different cultures.

Plus, in order to effectively translate a scientific text written in English for a patient who speaks Portuguese, for example, it is necessary to have an understanding of both medical sciences and literary theory.

Many universities offer degrees in translating specialized texts; if you are interested in becoming a certified medical translator, you will need to investigate your options before committing yourself to one course of action.

One way to do this is by contacting schools that offer certification programs in translation. Schools may require you to submit samples of your work as part of the application process.


What is the difference between notarized and certified translation?

There are two types of translations – notarized and certified. Notarized translations may be less expensive but they require a notary public to confirm that the translator has spoken with the subject and is competent in their language.

How much can you make being a translator?

According to Payscale, the median salary for a certified medical translator is $43,872 per year. The lowest 10% of certified medical translators make less than $27,892, and the highest 10% of translators earn more than $75,500.

How much does a certified medical papers translation cost?

The cost of a certified medical document translation service is influenced by a number of factors, such as the language and the complexity of the text. We charge $4 for each 100 words translated, which falls well within the typical industry range.

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