Certified Translation from Marathi to English

How to Get a Certified Translation from Marathi to English?

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The Marathi Language:

Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language that has 83 million native speakers. The Marathi people of India primarily speak it. and it is the official language of the Indian state of Maharashtra. One of the most spoken languages in the world. It is written in the Devanagari script. The written literature of Marathi has been around since 600 AD. 12 million people also speak it as their second language.

What is a Certified Translation?

Language services help people in a lot of different ways. There are many types of translations that people need from time to time. Regarding official documents, only the most accurate translations are accepted. A certified translation is considered the most accurate language service because a qualified expert carries it out. It also comes with a signed statement of the linguistic expert. It is the most popular type of document translation.

Whenever people apply for immigration to the United States and their personal documents are not in English, they must get translations. According to the requirements of USCIS, every official document, like a birth certificate, must be accompanied by its certified and standard translation. Once you have gotten your documents translated into English, only then can you submit your immigration application to the authorities without any hesitation.

Marathi Translation Certified

How to Get a Certified Translation from Marathi to English?

If someone from Maharashtra wants to immigrate to the US, they must translate their documents into English. But those who have never needed Marathi translation services wouldn’t know who to turn to. They won’t be able to choose the right translation agency if they don’t have the right guidance. But thanks to the internet, finding the right translation provider is not that difficult.

For official purposes, Marathi to English certified translations are conducted by expert translators with extensive translation experience, ensuring a wide range of documents, such as bank statements and academic documents, are accurately translated for legal and academic purposes. The translation process involves thorough quality control procedures and the involvement of subject matter experts to guarantee top-notch professionalism and consistent quality. Additionally, a certification statement is provided to attest to the accuracy of the translation, with feature descriptions included for effective communication. Standard courier service is offered for delivering custom documents translated by human translators proficient in both the original language and English.

Here’s how you can get document translation for immigration from Marathi to English:

What is a Certified Translation

1. Find the Right Agency:

Begin by searching for the right translation company with professional translators. You can look up the agencies online and check out their Google ratings. Don’t pick a company with two to three-star reviews. You can see which one of them is offering quality assurance. You can also compare the rates of different agencies so you don’t get charged unfairly. The company that has native experts on its translation team has quick turnaround times, and offers affordable solutions is the one you should hire.

2. Send the Documents:

In most cases, people only need an official birth certificate translation. But sometimes, they might also need help with other documents. You can get anything from Apostille and divorce certificates to electricity bills and mobile phone bills translated by the right experts for immigration purposes. You will also need the translations of your medical reports and academic degrees if you want to study abroad. Confirm with the relevant government agencies about the documents you must prepare. Once you are certain which documents you need to get translated for immigration purposes, could you send them over to the agency?

3. Get Free Quote:

If you pick the right agency, you can get a free quote before hiring them for their services. You can visit their website, upload the original documents, and fill out the required form to get the quote. You can place your order if satisfied with the document translation charges. If you need any assurance regarding translation quality or want to discuss the source document with the agency, click the Contact Us button and contact a customer care agent. You can explain your requirements to the agency so they can translate your legal documents accurately.

4. Review the Translation:

Once the translation is ready, it will be sent over to you for review. The authorized signer will only prepare the translation certification if you give them the green light. If you are satisfied with the results, you can inform the agency. They will send over the Marathi translation certified to you through digital delivery. You can also opt to receive the translation packet delivered to your doorstep. But you will have to pay for the postage. If you hire an agency that offers guaranteed acceptance by USCIS, you won’t have to worry about anything when submitting your immigration application.

Can I certify my translation?

It doesn’t matter if you are a native English speaker or a qualified linguistic expert; you cannot certify your translations. Government agencies have different rules everywhere in the world. But whether you want to immigrate to the United Kingdom or the US, hiring professional human translators to certify your documents is better. It would help if you went with one of the leading companies in the translation industry when you need academic translation, too. It is the only way you can get quality work.

Do I need a notarization?

The USCIS once required notarized translations. But today, only quality translations with qualified translators accompanied by a certificate of accuracy are sufficient. An authorized signer is supposed to sign the certificate of accuracy. The certified and standard translation will be accepted by the authorities even if it is not notarized.

Notarization may not be necessary for medical records, but it ensures additional authentication for legal documents, requiring expert linguists and native translators to provide accurate linguistic services. Quality control processes overseen by project managers ensure the integrity of the translation, especially for sensitive materials like medical records or training material.

You might need a notarized translation of the Marathi language into English in a few situations. If you need a legal translation for your business, you must also get it notarized. In certain cases, business documents like patent applications, contracts, agreements, sale deeds, and partnership deeds have to be notarized.

How are pages counted for certified translation?

People who need a correct translation think they will be charged highly. However, agencies with specialized linguists on their teams focus on providing the best user experience to their customers. They provide professional translation services at affordable rates. The price is counted per page when charging customers, and they don’t charge by the hour. They offer per word rate and get loyal and satisfied clients in return. A good agency will not charge you more than $0.12 per word for a certified and standard translation.

Why are language services needed?

There are many reasons why linguistic solutions are so important. They make it possible for healthcare professionals to use medical devices made in different parts of the world. Simultaneous interpretation connects patients with foreign doctors. The last will of a person with properties in different countries can be executed properly by getting an exact translation of their death certificate. Website translation makes it possible for people to shop online regardless of where they are. Marketing translation helps companies connect with their target audience. Consecutive interpretation helps businesses conduct meetings with international staff. Financial documents like fund reports, electricity bills, credit card bills, salary certificates, etc, cannot be shared with foreign company executives without their correct translations.

Desktop publishing and website localization are a few other ways language services make things less complicated for speakers of different languages. People cannot send their visa applications until they get the translations of their personal and medical documents. Certified linguists have extensive experience in their field so that they can provide their clients with the highest quality solutions. Your business can have the perfect global distribution plan and quality control system in place, but if you don’t get the help of linguistic experts, you won’t be able to make it big in the world.

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