Certified Translation US About Letter Translation

Certified Translation US About Letter Translation

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Certified Translation US About Letter Translation

The translation industry covers quite a large number of options. Aside from the vast number of languages that experts delve in on a daily basis, clients can also bring different types of documents. There are marriage certificates and birth certificates, both of which are usually required when processing immigration applications. Bank statements are also important since it backs a person’s financial standing, whether or not they are financially stable or not. On top of these number of document types, some clients also require their final documents to be properly certified and notarized. There are also a number of formats that should be considered, especially when the documents are to be submitted to a federal agency. All of these factors affect how one person picks a translation agency.

The industry is now full of agencies that offer different kinds of translation services. They are giving a ton of options to go along with these choices. This is why picking the right one for your needs is quite hard nowadays.

letter translation

Our company provides different kinds of translation services. We have provided such services to thousands of clients around the world. We pride ourselves with providing only the best, top quality, and high accuracy translations. This is why we are regarded as one of the best in the business. We want to keep that reputation for years to come, and with that comes a lot of hard work and responsibilities.

Letters translation

Certified Letter Translation


One of the most sought after services of our company is letter translation. While some might be familiar with this particular service, a lot of people usually have no idea about it. Despite the proliferation of the internet, social media, and direct messaging platforms, there are still a number of people around the world that prefer to use letters. This is always a well-accepted practice in government institutions, the legal industry, and even banks and businesses still require written letters when doing several transactions.

Our company provides certified letter translation for more than 120 languages. While some might dismiss this particular service as a simple one, we beg to disagree. Letter translation is one of the hardest to provide to our clientele, and there are a number of reasons to back up our claim.

One of the reasons why it is difficult is that you have to be able to fully understand the context of the letter before you can create an accurate and high-quality translation of it. Technical documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates are relatively easy to do since they are, as mentioned, technical. The same cannot be said with letters since it requires someone to have in-depth knowledge of the language, its grammar, sentence structure, and the context upon which a particular word is used to create a translation that is accurate to the source entirely.

Our company has provided thousands of letter translations to clients around the world. We have worked with people and companies. In order to create a translation that is accurate to the source material, one must be well-versed with the language’s grammar and phrasing. Our company has a pool of professionals that are ready to take your order. May that be an application letter, a business letter, a letter of complaint, sales letter, or letters of recommendation, you are guaranteed that we can handle it with no problem.

Accurate. High Quality. Fast Turnaround Time. Affordable.


    • What separates our company from the rest is that we have mastered the three most essential components when doing translation services. We have always been consistent when it comes to accuracy. The quality of our outputs is impeccable. We have one of the fastest turnaround time in the industry. And our rates are reasonable, and always negotiable.


    • We believe that every output that we send back to our clients have excellent accuracy. We understand that a single mistranslated word could spell trouble to our clients, and in turn, ruin our reputation. Safe to say, we have never sent an output that did not meet our clients’ standards. We have never failed before, and we aim to keep it that way within the foreseeable future.


    • Quality is also an essential factor for us. Aside from accuracy, the high-quality output is what separates the best agency from the rest. Our company has a pool of quality checkers whose sole job is to make sure that all of our outputs reach the level of standard and quality that our clients demand.


    • When it comes to turnaround time, we always make sure that we beat the deadline that our clients set. We understand that time is essential to our clients, which is why we always push ourselves to be able to beat the deadline that they set. In doing so, we are able to give them time to double check our outputs, and also for us to make all the necessary changes is there are any.


Lastly, the price. For many people, the cost and rate of services are the most crucial factor to consider when picking a translation company. Our services are not exactly cheap, but we have always described it as reasonable. The quality and accuracy of our outputs, along with the fast turnaround time, are all essential factors in determining the price of a particular project. Nevertheless, all our rates are always negotiable, and we do offer discounts to new and repeat clients.

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