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Danger Of Certified Translation Names, Like Arabic, Chinese

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

The translation is not a piece of cake especially when you need to translate technical things like terminology, certified translation names, official documents, etc. Have you ever wondered how to translate the names of one original language to any foreign language? Words usually have meanings but the problem is whether you can change names according to their meanings or not.

These kinds of problems you can face if you are a translator without any training. But in today’s world, you can learn any skill in fact everything on your own just through the Internet. Translation of names is not that difficult but of course, this is technical work. So before straight away writing the meanings of name in any official document of your client make sure to research thoroughly.

If you ruin your client’s official document for government departments, you’re more likely to endanger your translation career. When it comes to official documents accurate translation is essential. Any translation agency would not hire you if you do not guarantee top-notch quality translation to their customers. Providing translation services sounds easy but, there are hurdles in every field.

You do not need to worry about these hurdles all you need to do is handle them with patience and hard work. In this article, we will cover certified translation of names, the danger of certified translation names and we will also cover what is certified translation and tips and tricks to make your client satisfied.

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What Is a Certified Translation?

We are unable to use several official papers in their original format. As a result, certified copies of these original documents are required for several reasons. This copy is legitimate since it bears a seal of approval, which is proof of relative authority.

Documents that have been certified frequently have a temporal limit on their validity. Certifying legal documents, certificates, marriage licenses, and other documents are possible. Documents must meet several requirements to maintain the quality. In common law, states use these certified documents for different purposes. Creating such documents does not come at a high cost.

The primary objective of document copies is to protect the meaning of original documents. We cannot entrust our original documents, especially official documents such as identification cards, birth certificates, and death certificates, and so on, to just anybody.

Common documents are not that important but official documents which are going to use in an educational institution, Monterrey insurance services, immigration services, income tax service, insurance & services, Max services, documents of business affiliation, etc. must go through a professional translation process.

These certified copies are signed by an authorized person. They’re also popular in other countries. There are numerous reasons why you may require certified copies of your documents.

Why We Need Translation of Names?

Names are very important to all of us. So, if you are a certified translator and do not want to make your client mad. Because of the wrong translation of his or her name. Make sure that the translation name is appropriate according to both languages; the source language and the target language. It is the right of every person to get their name pronounced and spelled properly because these are our identities.

Now the question is when you have to translate names in your translation career. Firstly, you might need to translate documents of change of the name. Sometimes parents want to change the name of their children because it is not going well with their expectations. Secondly, sometimes people want to change their name because they don’t like the name their parents gave them. In both cases, they need a legit process for the change of name.

If they’re living in their own country where the native languages are the same then they do not need the translation process. But if the person who wants to change his name or his children’s name is living in any other country with a different language. Then he needs his document’s translation.

Let’s picture this if there is any French name and you need to translate it into the English language how would you do provide your professional service? It is not that hard all you need to do is simply change them according to the dialect of English. The reason why the pronunciation needs to be the same is that most people like to pronounce their name as in the native language.

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How To Do the Translation of Names?

As we have explained in the very simple way above. Now let’s just take a look at the rules of translating names. Whether there is no hard and fast rule about translating names but here are a few tips to make your work simpler. Here are a few rules (not exactly rules but tips) to translate names into another language.

  • Do not translate proper names into another language. The proper name remains the same. Because no one wants to get called by the wrong name even if any foreigner is calling them. Hence globally most translators do not translate names. For example, if you are translating any press conference and it has the name of any important person of the United States of America in Spanish. Then you are supposed to keep it the same.
  • If you are using any tool to translate a document then it might not translate any name. But human translators keep the context and essence of the language into the translated document. Hence there are always exceptions in the translation world. Because rules don’t matter, outcomes make a difference.

All you need to do is to translate official documents means your foreign language documents into any other language. So, you can translate names as an exception in another language as per the context.

This is how you translate names into any target language. If you are translating any French name into the English language it is supposed to remain the same in French form. Likewise, if you are translating any Spanish name then it is also supposed to be in Spanish form in your English translation document and so on.

The Danger of Certified Translation Names Like Arabic and Chinese

Translating a name is a process that varies from country to country and it is also one of the dangers of the certified translation. For example, there are names that you cannot translate in different dialects as they do not have their translation. So, they need to be in their original form like French form, Spanish form, Arabic form, etc.

This kind of problem you face for the translation of documents of the immigration process, for example, if someone is emigrating to the United States of America and going to have a green card. The green card application needed to get translated with other official documents. Then there is the need for translation of the names as well for immigration service.

And if you’re working with a company that is ATA certified and you have to keep the quality for that ATA certified translator seal. Then you need to worry about the translation of names. But it is not impossible to translate Arabic and Chinese names.

If you are doing English translation then you can easily put these Chinese names as it is in English alphabet to maintain the quality of translation for ATA-certified translator seal. As a Human translator, it is very difficult to memorize the translation of names so you can just spell those complicated names in the English language. Checkout our latest post here about Certified Arabic Translator, What Does It Cost!

Another way to save yourself from trouble is to trust the expertise of a known agency. At Certified Translations, we have been translating documents that include names of places, people, areas, and important terms. So, let us handle your translation of names without facing the dangers of any misinterpretation.

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