N-400 Application

What Documents Need to be Translated for the N-400 Application

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

Loyalty is a very special thing. In relationships, no one can get anywhere without loyalty. The relationships that aren’t based on loyalty don’t last long. But in life, we don’t promise loyalty and allegiance to people only. However, that’s how it starts. As kids, we learn pretty quickly to be loyal to our siblings. If we tell on them to our parents, they will do the same to us and it will not encourage sibling love. When we enter school, we join a group of people. We call them friends but that group manages to stay together due to loyalty. People become friends with people they can count on. Playing together as kids improves the bond between friends and make them more loyal to each other.

As we grow up, our interests grow too and we pick favorites in almost every walk of life. We have a favorite football team and a favorite tennis player. We have favorite movies and fandoms. We even have favorite characters in TV shows and we fight with the members of other characters’ fandoms to prove our favorite is the best one. The allegiances human form doesn’t change easily. You won’t see anyone switching sides when their favorite team loses a couple of football matches in a row. That’s how you know they are really loyal to their favorites.

When it comes to loyalty to one’s country, it is the most natural thing in the world. The place you are born in will always have a special place in your heart. Despite the many problems your country is facing, you will never stop loving it. However, the country where you are born is not something you pick. But you can pick one in your later life and make it your home. To some people, developing feelings of loyalty for a new country is not possible. But when people decide to make their home in a new world, loyalty comes naturally.

N-400 Application

The US Naturalization Process:


Many people visit the US every year on tourist visas. Some want to see the historical sites in the country while others want to enjoy the beach life by visiting Miami. America is the land of dreams for many, partly because in the late 20th century, a lot of people moved to the US and turned their lives around, and partly because of Hollywood which promotes the hopeful picture people have of the US in their minds.

This is why many people don’t apply for tourist visas, because they want to move to the US for good. There are different methods through which people can go about for gaining their permanent residence in the US. The naturalization process, or becoming a US citizen come later. The way through which most people become eligible for American citizenship is by getting their green card. Once a person gets their green card, they become Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) of the US. After that they will have to live in America for a specific period of time before they can apply for the naturalization process.

N-400 Application

The N-400 Form:

In the US, N-400 is the form people can use to apply for naturalization. Every person in the US who has been an LPR for five years and has stayed in the country the full five years, is eligible to submit the N-400 form. People who are married to US citizens and were granted green cards can apply for the naturalization after staying in the country for three years. Another important requirement for naturalization is that the person applying should be willing to take the oath of allegiance. It defines the loyalty of a person to America and what they would be willing to do for their country.

What Documents Need to be Translated for the N-400 Application?


Although the naturalization process is not very complicated, people take a long time to get to it because of the requirements. There are plenty of documents that should be submitted with the form. People get overwhelmed by the number of papers they will have to put in order for the application and leave the process halfway through. However, if you know what to do with each document, you wouldn’t be as lost as you are right now.

People can apply for the citizenship directly or on the basis of their marriage to a US citizen. In the case of the latter, if the marriage happened in a non-English speaking country, you will have to present a translation of the marriage certificate. If your spouse died in a foreign country, the same rule will apply. You will have to find a qualified translator for handling such documents because USCIS only accepts certified translations.

Sometimes, people also have to submit criminal or court records. If the records are not in English, you will need their translation as well. If you aren’t sure about which documents’ translations you need, check their language. Whichever paper is not in English will have to be translated by an expert translator. You can get in touch with a reliable agency to connect you with the right translator. When your documents are accompanied with certified translation, your N-400 will not be sent back with objections.

The naturalization process is very stressful for everyone but if people are prepared for it beforehand, they won’t become a victim of the citizenship tension. Every LPR should be able to apply for naturalization without any hesitation and if they need a translator’s help , they shouldn’t be afraid to reach out.

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