Marriage Certificate Translations

Facts About Marriage Certificate Translations

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2023)

In today’s world, where bureaucracy is so powerful, paperwork is involved in every aspect of life. You can’t do much without having to fill the paperwork for it. Whether it is the birth of your child or getting a degree, you will have to get it registered. The state will issue you a certificate as proof that you had a child. If you don’t register important occurrences with the state, you will have a hard time getting through life. For instance, if a child does not have a birth certificate, they will not be eligible to receive benefits from the state. A marriage is a beautiful union between two people, but it also involves paperwork. Once you get your relationship registered with the state, you will obtain your marriage certificate.

Why is a Marriage Certificate Necessary?


You may wonder why do you need proof of your relationship. But in truth, having this document is very important. You can file your taxes with your partner and get other benefits due to your relationship. When people decide to immigrate to another country with their family, it is the marriage certificate that will prove their relationship with their partner to the foreign authorities. However, if there is a linguistic difference between your homeland and the country you wish to immigrate to, you will have to get all of your personal documents translated.

Marriage Certificate Necessary

Facts About Marriage Certificate Translations:


A lot of people don’t know how important the translation of an official document can be, which is why they must learn about the facts to keep themselves safe from getting tricked. Since a marriage certificate is also an official document, you must only rely on a qualified professional for its translation. Here are the most important facts about the translations of marriage certificates:

Certified marriage Translation
  • Certified Translation:

You can’t get a translation from Google and submit it to the authorities. You will have to get accurate linguistic assistance from qualified experts. But not only that, your document must come with a signed statement of the linguistic expert. This is the only paper that will give your document legal status. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted by the authorities.

You can’t get through family immigration without submitting the certified translation of your marriage certificate. It is the duty of the authorities to verify the identity and the relationship of the applicants every time a family applies for immigration. But they cannot do so if the applicants don’t submit the relevant documents. However, you also cannot submit your papers as it is if they are in a foreign language, which is why you will have to get them translated first.

  • Experienced Professionals:

Not only is a marriage certificate an official document, but it is also considered a legal file, which is why only those who experience in handling such papers can provide you with accurate linguistic assistance. So, it is up to you to hire a well-known agency; otherwise, you will end up with inaccurate results. Foreign authorities don’t take linguistic problems lightly and will reject your document straight away if it has errors.

How to Request a Translation?

If you are wondering how you can find the right agency and then request the assistance you require, then you are about to get all the right answers.

  1. Find a Reliable Agency:

It is important that you make the right call when choosing an agency. You can’t just pick one at random and expect it to provide you with the best results. You will have to do your research and check the Google ratings of various companies. You also have the option to read the reviews left by the previous clients of agencies to learn more about their services. Once you have checked all the important boxes, only then you should pick an agency.

  1. Get a Quote:

Every good agency has an option where you can request a free quote on their website. When you go to the quote page, you will be asked to upload your marriage certificate. Once you have done that, fill out the form that has questions about your certificate. You can mention here that you require a certified translation. You can also mention if you require urgent service. After entering all the information, you can hit enter. You will be presented with the quote.

  1. Place Your Order:

If you are satisfied with the pricing, you can go ahead and place your order on the same page. Once you place the order, the task will be assigned to one of the experts. They will send you a draft for review. If you give the green signal, they will certify the document and then hand it over to you. If you pick the urgent service option, you will receive the project within a couple of hours. If you don’t have any deadlines to catch, you will receive the completed task within twenty-four hours.

Once you have the linguistic results that you wanted, you can go ahead with your immigration process and submit your application, along with your documents, to the authorities. If you provided the translations of your personal files with the application and filled all the important boxes with the correct information, there is a high chance that your case will be accepted. So, plan properly and don’t make any mistakes if you don’t want to get rejected. If you pick the right agency, it will help you immensely in getting through the immigration process. Find out here if you want to know how to translate your marriage certificate and get it to proofread only and certified. 12.50 per page.

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