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How Do I Get My Birth Certificate Translated?

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There are many people in this world who prefer to act spontaneously instead of planning for things. They follow their impulses instead of sitting down and evaluating the pros and cons of a decision before selecting it. Although it is a good ability to be able to choose on the spot, it isn’t a good thing to make a habit of. Most of the things in life require us to give them time. Decisions taken on impulses don’t always go in our favor. Plus, it isn’t like you will be losing anything by taking out the time to evaluate the benefits of a choice.

You may have seen people in movies and TV shows getting ridiculed for going around with a planner in their hands. Girls who plan their weekly schedule are the ones people like to make fun of. Maybe people don’t think that keeping a planner in high school can be any fun, but the truth is, if you start early, it becomes a habit. So, when you have to take really important decisions in your life later, you won’t be tempted to ditch all logic and go with the first thing that comes to your mind.

Planning for things and making checklists also keep you from panicking about unexpected situations. When you are used to planning ahead, you don’t run into emergencies. Immigration is one of those processes in which one can do with a lot of planning. There are a lot of things people have to take care of when they are applying for immigration, but if they decide to handle things as they go along, they will end up in a mess. However, by planning ahead, people will know which documents they need to gather, what kind of questions they will have to answer in the interview, which papers’ translations they will need. Knowing the answers of all these questions beforehand means that you can prepare weeks, even months before the process starts.

birth certificate

Immigration to the US and Planning Early:

Every year almost two million apply for immigration to the US but not all of those end up in America. Some people’s requests get rejected. They do get a chance to reapply after addressing the objections raised by the officials but many don’t have the resources to try again, or they end up giving up their dream to move to the US and choose some other country to spend their life in. Since the number of immigrants that apply for a move to America keeps increasing each year, the process has also become more difficult in the recent years.

birth certificate

Planning early for your move to another country means you know beforehand everything that there is to know. Like the records you will have to show the authorities and the claims you will have to prove. Although the papers you need for a student visa will be different from the ones you need for a work permit, you will need to show your birth certificate in either case. However, if your papers are not in English, you must prepare them for the translation process.

How Do I Get My Birth Certificate Translated? The Checklist:

The thought of getting their birth certificate translated causes confusion for people. Especially if they have never dealt with interpreters before. Many people don’t even what type of translation they require for immigration. This is where the habit of planning ahead and making checklists will help. Here is the ultimate checklist for when you want to prepare for a birth certificate translation:

  1. The Type of Translation:

For official purposes, you will need a certified translation. It comes with a signed statement of the person who translated it. These types of interpretations are more accurate. They include all the information from the original record. This is why government offices accept only this type of interpretation.

  1. Finding a Professional:

You can’t handle an official record’s translation yourself; you will need a professional for the task. You have two options at this point. You can either find a freelancer or get in touch with a language service provider who have a team of professionals. The latter can connect you with the right expert for your translation.

  1. The Cost:

It is better to know the cost of the project upfront. There are agencies that will try to trick you and add hidden charges in your bill unless you ask for it before ordering the project. Knowing the cost beforehand will also help you keep some money aside for the translation.

  1. Sending the Certificate:

You will have to scan the document and send it to the translator immediately after booking their services so they can start working on it. It is better to keep your important papers scanned so whenever you need them, you will already have them saved in your computer.

  1. The Delivery:

Every agency has different delivery options. You can either get the paper delivered to your home address or you can get it via email. In order to figure out which option to go for, you should look it up on the website of the government office where you have to submit the paper. Then you can let the agency know about your decision.

Although it may sound confusing, there is nothing to worry about a birth certificate translation. By following the checklist, you can get through it easily and follow your dreams of moving to another place for good.

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