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Green Card Marriage Interview Questions And Process

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People have always tried to trick the system, which is why governments are coming up with new ways of making processes fool proof. Identity thefts, fake marriages, and cybercrimes are pretty common these days. Our systems should have gotten better with time but unfortunately there is always a way of tricking the authorities. There is a procedure for all official business and all these systems contain various steps to try to minimize the risk of fraud. This is why you end up seeing new upgrades in various government procedures every other month. All of such precautions are only put in place to save you from criminals and their devilish techniques.

Green Card Marriage:

It is a relationship people enter into with a Green Card holder so they can become eligible for US citizenship. Although there are a lot of instances where people enter into a Green Card marriage for the sole purpose of getting their citizenship, it is also a useful process for those whose significant other isn’t a resident of the US. Once people enter into the relationship, they have to wait a specific amount of time before they can apply for citizenship. During this time, they must continue to maintain residence with the person they are married too. However, it is worth remembering that green card marriages are not accepted easily and there is a process people have to go through before they can be declared married.

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Green Card Marriage Interview Questions:


The scariest part of the whole process is the interview which is conducted by an immigration officer. These officers are fully trained for the job and know how to trick people into saying the wrong thing. They will ask you mundane things to put you on the spot. It is impossible for people to remember everything about their significant other, which is why there is room for error, but not too much. It is better to sit with your spouse and discuss each other’s preferences and the daily life to make sure your story matches.

Although the questions may change from one interview to the next, there are a few basic ones which everyone should prepare for. Everything they will ask you is divided in different categories to learn about all aspects of your life. You may also be separated from your spouse during the interview, if that happens, remain calm and try to answer truthfully. Here are a few sample queries which you and your partner will have to answer during the interview:

  1. How did the two of you first met?
  2. What is their date and place of birth?
  3. Which place did you go to for your first date?
  4. When did the wedding ceremony take place and in which location?
  5. Who were the bridesmaid or the groomsmen?
  6. How much time do you spend together?
  7. Do you plan on having children in the future? Or do either of you have kids from a previous marriage?
  8. What is a Christmas like at your home?
  9. What is your significant other’s best friend’s name?
  10. How many siblings your partner has? Do you know their names?
  11. Do you see each other’s families regularly?
  12. Where did your significant other study?
  13. Do they have a degree and if so, then in which subject?
  14. Do you watch TV with them and if so, what exactly do you two love watching?
  15. Do they have a favorite radio channel they tune in to while driving? Which one is it?
  16. What is your house’s WIFI password?
  17. Which phone service do they use?
  18. What present they bought for your birthday?
  19. Who does most cooking?
  20. Where do you buy groceries from?
  21. Which restaurant is a favorite of both of you?

These are all sample questions but they can also be pretty tricky when you are under pressure in the USCIS office asking the inquires of an expert official. However, if you prepare properly, you won’t have to worry about messing up the process.

Green Card Marriage Interview Process:

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The questions of the interview and the days leading up to it will cause plenty of stress in your life. But if you prepare yourself properly, you won’t have to be scared. The process of interview is pretty straightforward, you get asked to answer quite simple questions. If, however, you forget something, don’t try to make it up or you will make it sound like you rehearsed and now an answer slipped through your mind.

Be honest and come clean if you can’t remember the answer to one question. This will work to prove the legitimacy of your relationship far better than anything else because real life couples forget things about each other frequently. Also, make sure to show up with all of your documents, including certified translations of the paper which are in a foreign language.

Do not start panicking if your partner is separated from you during the process. Remaining calm and composed is the best way to get through this. Also, make sure that your friends and family can vouch for your relationship. They might get called by the officials to rebuke or verify the claims you made in front of the officer. All of this is as complicated in real life as it sounds on the paper but it will be over a lot quickly if you follow all the steps and do your job properly. All you have to do is be a composed and calm person during the interview and your relationship will be accepted.

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