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USCIS Form Filing Tips Including Certified Translations

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No one in this world to claim to have zero fears. If they do, they must be lying. Fear is not even only a human feeling; animals feel it too. But all of us are born with different personalities. Everyone of us needs to eat to stay alive but we don’t all eat the same kind of food. Our choices are also quite different from each other. The world would have been a creepy place if all of us dressed in the same clothes, ate the same food, and said and felt the same things. But we are so different from each other than even identical twins don’t share all of their habits.

Our differences also extend to our skills. If all of us had the same skillset, everyone in the world would have been in the same profession and humanity would have accomplished nothing. We are also different in the things we fear. All of us have fears of one kind or another and most of them are rational. Some of us have a lot of irrational fears too, which become phobias when they get worse. One of the most common phobias among people is that of public speaking. However, people who struggle with anxiety and stress have a tendency to start worrying each time they have to do something important.

The higher the stakes, the more anxious people become. This is why people get stressed about giving interviews and some students have trouble presenting in front of their class. There are many tips to help people who have anxiety and don’t know how to perform well in interviews. But there are a few types of fears that people rarely talk about. Like communicating with strangers and filling official forms. Since no one talks about such fears, there are rarely any tips available for those struggling with them.

There are many reasons behind the fear of filling forms. Many of us are not used to talking about personal stuff which is why we might not feel comfortable answering all the questions on a paper truthfully. People might also get anxious about giving their personal information to strangers. Phobias can work in mysterious ways and people can think of the wildest things because of them. The fear of rejection can also make people worry about filling a form, which might end up making them ruin the form. This is an example of when our stress keeps us from performing well.

uscis form

USCIS Form Filling Tips:


It is the dream of many people to immigrate to the US and enjoy their lives in the world’s most powerful country. But things like immigration are not easy. The immigration to the US involves a lengthy process, documents submission, and form filling. Some people start the process completely unprepared, which is why they can need some guidance. Here are a few USCIS form filing tips for those who want to apply for US immigration:

  • Make sure to fill all the boxes. If you leave a box empty, your form will get rejected. They need all the information from you which asked on the paper, so make sure you don’t skip anything.
  • It is okay to restart the process if you make a mistake on the form. Trying to correct the mistake will only mess up the paper more. And using correction pen will only make it worse. Think of it as an exam where you can’t make any errors or use tape to correct your mistakes.
  • Only use black ink for filing the USCIS form. Any other color ink will not be accepted. You can keep the other colors for your notebooks. There are no rules about them.
  • Do not forget to sign the form. Unsigned forms are rejected straightaway. Any form without signature will not be trusted by USCIS as they can be submitted by anyone.
  • Remember when everyone told you to recheck your paper before submitting it to the teacher? They were always right and rechecking is something you should also do with your form. This will help you make sure there are no errors in the form. You can’t make any changes after submission so it is better to check before mailing the form.
uscis form

Certified Translations:

There is another form that you will be submitting to the USCIS along with your application. If your birth certificate is not in English, you will have to get it translated. However, USCIS only accepts a certain type of interpretation known as the certified translation. It comes with a signed statement of the translator attesting to the fact that the translation is accurate and complete. Without this statement, or form, the translation won’t be accepted.

A lot of people think that they don’t need professional help when it comes to translation for visa and immigration services. They turn to online tools and software and try to get their document translated with the help of the internet. But the internet may be pretty cool and useful in many regards, but it cannot help us much when it comes to certified translations. However, it can help us find an experienced translator or reliable agency who can provide us with quality interpretations. You can also read online reviews to be sure that the choice you are making is the right one. You will find plenty of options online, which means you can choose the service provider offering the best rates.

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