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Hebrew Tattoo Translations

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2021)

The Love of Tattoos:

The tattoo craze is real and so are the people who design them and inscribe them. If you can think about staying under a drilling needle for hours without losing your calm, you are a tattoo lover. It also means that you are always ready to get your favorite character or image on your body forever. Here’s an interesting fact for you, the history of the oldest tattoo goes way back. The first tattoo ever made dates back to around 3300 BCE. So, we can’t say that tattoos are new. Their designs, however, have seen innovation. The art of tattooing has certainly evolved. In the past, people would get the name of their favorite person tattooed on their bodies to represent their unconditional love for them. Celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham not only have tattoos themselves but they have given people different tattoo ideas as well.

Are You a Hebrew Tattoo Lover?

In today’s world, tattoos are much more than just a celebrity trend. They are a fashion statement. A passion, which millions share. It is now a growing industry with new design installments every day. And if you are into tattoos, you’d also know that going for scriptures in other languages make you look cooler. Yes, that’s a thing that can help you stand out from the ordinary if that’s what you are opting for. But these scriptures are also used worldwide to display your faith, your beliefs, also to send a positive message to your own self and others. It depicts your spirituality and others can view it as your signature statement as well. Believe it or not, these tattoos make more of an impression than you can possibly imagine.

Hebrew scriptures, in this regard, have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Due to the historic and monumental significance of this language, Hebrew tattoos can be seen as the hottest thing among ink lovers. Another reason why the Hebrew language is the talk of the town is because of what those quotes and phrases symbolize.

hebrew lettering tattoo
hebrew tattoo translations

Hebrew Tattoo Translations and Design

Whatever may be the reason for your fascination with these Hebrew tattoos, you are not alone. The Israelites and Jews spoke Hebrew during the 4th to 10th century and this ancient language is considered sacred by millions. Now, in order to get a Hebrew tattoo, you don’t have to be a pro at reading and understanding the Hebrew letters. Many people inscribe the Hebrew names of their lovers on their bodies even if they have never read or written in the ancient language. We are here to do that for you. In today’s list, we have collected the most popular designs and Hebrew Tattoo translations for you. These accurate translations will help you choose the right tattoo designs according to your personal preferences.

  1. Faith in God Tattoo:

Faith can move mountains and if your faith in God is unshakable, then this one is definitely for you. As the name implies, this tattoo demonstrates your utter faith in religion. It symbolizes strength too. What separates this tattoo from the rest is the fact that it has hundreds of Bible verses written in Hebrew. Another famous tattoo is known as the Child Of God.

  1. Love Tattoo:

You’d be amazed to know that this tattoo consists of only one word, love in Hebrew. But this symbolic tattoo can help you show off your romantic side in a beautiful and effortless way.

You can get creative by inscribing this tattoo on a specific body part, maybe on the inside of your wrist or on your neck. In any case, you want to add a little more meaning to it for your beloved, you can ask for a heart around the tattoo.

  1. Shalom Tattoo:

The Shalom tattoo is a representative of the word “Greeting” in Hebrew. You’re a welcoming person, then this tattoo is definitely the one for you.

Apart from being a sign of hospitality, shalom also signifies peace, tranquility, and serenity. It is one tattoo that not only looks beautiful but also sends across a message to the viewers.

  1. Hamsa Tattoo:

Hamsa is by far the most popular Hebrew tattoo out there. In ancient times, the symbol of this tattoo represented the hand of God. People used to write this symbol on their doors to keep the evil spirits away and keep the people safe.

Tattoo artists usually make this tattoo along with aquatic creatures such as fish images to enhance their beauty and style. The Hamsa tattoo is considered a sign of good luck and prosperity.

  1. This Shall Pass Hebrew Tattoo:

Indeed, this one-liner contains a powerful message. It can serve as a motivational and encouraging reminder in times of trouble. When life gets troubling, this tattoo can really help you stay positive, help you get back on track. So if you are thinking about inking your body with a positive and strengthening quote in Hebrew Script, this tattoo should definitely be your choice.

  1. Self-Love Hebrew Tattoo:

This tattoo is a display of self-love. It is there to remind you of your worth and significance. The literal translation of the message is, “If I am not myself, who will I be for me”. People like to inscribe it as a statement or a question with a question mark. In both instances, the message is powerful for yourself and for others who see your tattoo. If you are proud of your originality and believe in self-love, this tattoo can be your signature ink.

  1. Be Still Tattoo:

This inspiring tattoo translates into a beautiful meaning. Be Still means to overcome problems and become a courageous person. You can tattoo this scripture on your shoulder or wrist and get yourself a constant reminder of staying put no matter what difficulties are thrown your way. Hebrew Symbols are considered perfect for tattoos and this is not just our opinion. You can search Google for the immense number of Hebrew scriptures people tattoo on their body.

  1. Amazing Grace:

Looking to get inspired? Want to stay thankful for what you have? Then you should inscribe these words on your body. This Hebrew script can boost your confidence.

  1. The Holy Tree:

Extremely popular among tattoo lovers, this is another interesting symbol that describes life, love, and spirituality using the verses of the Bible as the branches of the tree. The roots of the tree symbolize your beliefs and strength as a believer.

The Holy Tree tattoo is often inscribed with colors to create a vibrant and attractive look. Most tattoo artists draw the branches in red color.

So now that you know what these tattoos depict, you can make your decision in a better way. Whether you want to go with the name of your favorite person, or a Chinese character, make sure you know the meanings correctly. Just because you want a fancy tattoo doesn’t mean that you have to make a fool of yourself.

To check out the images for the above-mentioned tattoos in detail, you can search them by entering their names in the Google search. It will become easier to make a choice after watching them vividly.

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