How to Get a Mandarin Chinese to English Certified Translation?

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

International business is growing day by day and everyone is in a race to take their business to the highest level. To work at an international level translation services are a must. Business cultures vary from country to country regarding language expectations, understanding, manner, and writing style.

If you are from China and want to take your business at an international level, or either if you want to deal with the Chinese business parts, you will definitely need to have an expert Chinese translator, the one who will do both Chinese and English Translation.

Well, Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world with approximately 935 million native speakers. It is the official language of China, Singapore, Brunei, and Taiwan. People in United States, Malaysia, and the Philippines speak Chinese as a minority language. Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese are some forms of the Chinese language.

Mandarin Chinese is the most popular of all the languages in China. People usually need Mandarin to English certified Translation or English to Mandarin. Let’s have a look at some of the important things that you need to know about Mandarin English Certified Translation.

Why China is Important to the World? 

China is a well-known country and no one can deny the impact the country has had on technology. China introduces different innovations to the industries and helps companies how to triple their production. It’s not wrong to say that we would be far behind in technology if there weren’t any genius Chinese minds behind it.

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China has the world’s second-largest economy and is comprises more than 15% of the global GDP. Moreover, Chinese values influenced the world’s culture. The most important aspect of Chinese culture is its various languages. We all know the art of the Chinese language. Chinese languages are playing important role in today’s business life and people want to invest with Chinese Investors. That’s why translation services are for.

Let’s have a look at Chinese translation Services.

Chinese Translation Services 

Over seven billion people live on earth and everyone has something common between them. We all need food to survive, all need to earn money to effort essentials of lives. Moreover, we all need shelter to protect ourselves from ant harm. Despite the fact, that how similarities we share there are a lot of differences among us.

These differences don’t make us enemies; it’s something that makes us all different from each other. But we don’t have to worry about it, we can overcome these differences. Just like language, if language is keeping us apart, we can easily get help from the language experts of professional translators to get over the problem.

Mandarin Chinese is the primary language in China. There are billions of Chinese speakers around the world and it is more of the most famous language on the internet as well, but there are still other half, billions of people are unable to understand it. That’s why people need a Chinese translator or a native Chinese speaker from time to time.

So, with the help of Chinese translation services and professional translators, you can connect to the world, countries can be more productive and a lot of misconceptions are resolved with a better understanding of language and only language experts can do the accurate translation.

A lot of Chinese communities live in different countries of the world. So, a translation services provider is the only way to connect to the Chinese audience. You need a reliable translation agency, to work with those Chinese communities.

You might think that it is not an easy task to find a reliable agency when you aren’t familiar with the language. Well, it’s not an impossible task you can get a lot of information regarding the services of different translation companies, you can choose the company with the best reviews.

How to Get a Mandarin Chinese to English Certified Translation?

China is developing faster and people want to connect to the Chinese audience. That’s why English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation is becoming a highly demanded service day by day Certification of Chinese to English translation is not easy that to do.

A professional Chinese translator is required to provide high-quality translation certification. Businesses, agencies, and even individuals need Chinese document translation services to communicate best with Chinese people.

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mandarin english certified

Translation of the Chinese language is not easy at all; if you know Chinese you still can’t do it. You must have to hand over your documents to experienced translation companies. The company must have a team of high-quality and experienced Chinese as well as English translators and a project manager who will handle your task perfectly.

The team of Chinese translators must be composed of translators that are certified by American Translators Association ATA. They will provide you Certification of Mandarin to English translation. You just have to submit your document or email a copy of your original document to the Professional Translation company. They will translate and certify your document and will send it to you after the payments.

Why we need Mandarin English Certified Translation? 

When people are applying for a visa or any other immigration-related application, they commonly need a Certified Chinese translation of documents for immigration. Some institutions in the United States require notarized translation along with the certified translation, for security reasons.

According to the standards of USCIS, the translation needs to be certified. If you want to apply to get admitted to a university, prove your academic certificates, apply for a green card, getting married or divorced, translation is required from Mandarin to English Translation for birth certificates or marriage certificates must be certified. Moreover, Chinese Immigrants need to get a translation of legal documents, certified by the Chinese Translation Company for USCIS.

Birth Certificate Translation needs all the time whether you are applying you a college or any if you want to settle in a country where a different foreign language other than the English language, is used. Moreover, academic and medical documents, business documents require legal translation as well.

How must does a Translation Cost?

The certification and translation costs for Chinese to English and English to Chinese depend on various factors. Factors involve source language, deadlines, certification, notarization, etc, determines the rates of translation. The minimum charges for a translation project are $100.

Non-certified translations are usually done by one translator however certified translation needs to be done by more than one translator. The statement letter of certification of accuracy is provided for certified translations only when the client request. If a client requested a non-certification translation and later on like to have the Certification of Accuracy, the company will charge extra payment and require extra time to prepare the copies of the Certification.

Moreover, the turnaround time is longer for the certification of translation. If you want, the translation as well as certification with a quick turnaround time, the companies charge more than usual. In addition, when you want a hard copy to deliver to your doorstep the company will require delivery charges as well.

Wrap up 

Certification of translation is very important and is required by a lot of agencies, the above-mentioned information is enough for you to get your Chinese document certified.

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