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How to get ATA certified translation services?

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

So your institution asked you to get your document ATA certified and now you are looking for ATA Certified Translation Services? It’s easy to find the translation companies that are providing Certified Translation services, but you might get difficulty in finding ATA Certified Translation Service. If so, you don’t have to be worried we will help you with this!

In this article, we will discuss all the necessary information that you need to know before choosing a translation company for your documents. Let’s have a look at what ATA Certified translation.

english to arabic certified translation
english arabic certification

What is ATA Certified Translation?

The word ATA stands for American Translators Association. It is an American organization, establish in 1959 at Alexandria. It was certified to help official translation and interpreting businesses to move forward. Moreover, the purpose of the association is to polish and modify the professionalism of qualified translators and interpreters. This ATA has around 11,000 members in over 90 countries in the world. The members that are involved in the official translation process are part of the American Translation Association. Some of them are:

  • Translators
  • Language company owner
  • Teachers
  • Interpreters
  • Doctors
  • University professors
  • Government employees
  • Web and software developers

So the professional translators who are members of ATA can provide the ATA certified translation services. The ATA certified translation means the document that is signed and stamped by the ATA member. The translation companies having membership with American Translators Association are valuable and provide high-quality work, and are more accurate than others.

What does it mean that Translation Company is a member of ATA?

There are several reasons that the translation company needs to be an official member of ATA. It means that the company symbolizes and promises to meet the principles and quality of conduct of ATA. The ATA is a legitimate association that effectively gives interpretation organizations the capacity to guarantee their customers that they are providing accurate and exact translations delivered by certified translators.

The member of ATA (American Translator Association) shows that the company values and focuses on the importance of official translation. The company provides high-quality translation along with a wide range of language combinations. Being a member of the American Translators Association shows that the company the finest quality in official translation to their clients and major industries.

How to get ATA Certified Translation Services?

In today’s world, people don’t have enough time to psychically go to the translation agency and handle the stuff. Everything is available online you can get whatever you what, anytime at your door. So is the case with the translation services. You can easily get your document’s ATA translation certification with just a click. You just have to follow the simple process given below:

The very first step that you need to do is to submit your application documents. You can email your documents to the company or organization, from where you getting your services. They don’t require original documents; you can just simply send them a scanned picture or copies of the document.

After that, the company will analyze your document and will contact you within 2 to 3 days to further proceed with the process. Then will let you know about the cost and the turnaround time. Then the company will give you their bank information to continue with the payment process. Once the payment will be done the company will start working on your documents. They have a professional and qualified translator, who provides quality translation within 1-2 days.

In the end, they will email you to check the whole document. Finally, after your approval, they will print out the translation, certified your document by ATA-Certified Translator seal. At last, they will send it to you by Courier.

Online translation services, is the best option, as they have a proper translation team as well as experienced translators to give accurate translation services.

certified arabic translation
certificate arabic translation

What type of documents requires ATA-certified translation?

If you have any foreign language documents and you want to apply for a USCIS application or petition you need to translate your documents into English and get them ATA certified. Some common documents that require ATA translation are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate, all the legal documents.
  • Academic transcript translation
  • Passport etc

Any foreign language documents that include the USCIS form or any international matters need to be translated into English with an ATA-certified translation.

How to get an ATA translation office near me?

There are a lot of companies providing ATA translation services, few things that you need to be concern about to choose the best ATA transition office near you are:

ATA Certified

The first and the most important thing that you should be concern about is if the company you are choosing is ATA certified or not. This is because only ATA members can provide you ATA Certified translation. 

Manual Translation

The translation company must have a team of professional and quality translators to provide you 100% original and human-generated translation. They must have to fulfill the requirement of the target language and maintain the perfect tone and readability.

Top Quality and Perfect security

Everyone is very concerned about the top quality and the best security. You have to check that the company is providing the top quality translation services along with the best privacy policies. So you have to be very careful while choosing an ATA-certified translation agency. Besides, the translation quality and accuracy must be the topmost priority of the company so that you can go for that company.

The Cheapest and Affordable Rates

You need to check the rates and prices beforehand because some ATA translation service providers charge high rates. There are a lot of websites and companies that are providing translation language services at low rates but the outcome is poor translation. In the end, you don’t get what you pay for. So needs to be very careful and go for the companies that provide affordable translation service.

Fast turnaround time and 24/7 working

Companies that are providing translation services by highly skilled project managers and professional translators are preferred. Also, the company must be able to provide translation projects in maximum foreign languages .i.e. Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic Translation, or whatever you want. The company must be able to meet the deadlines and have the best and quick turnaround time, and provide 24-hour translation services even if it’s the weekend.

The above mention criteria will help you to choose the ATA translation company near you. Moreover, a good ATA translation company will provide you all the way to contact them by email, live chat, or phone call to provide their services as soon as possible and save your quality time.


Now you can easily search for an ATA-certified translation company, just keep all the information in your mind that we have discussed above. So if you want academic translation or whatever you want just check your translation companies, compare the rates, and check their reviews on their website. Just go for the company with the highest recommendation and accuracy rates. Moreover, the customer service of the company will clearly show how reliable they are. Here you go, get your documents certified.

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