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Important Points to Translated Birth Certificate

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Things in life can get messed up pretty easily if we are not careful enough. For instance, if we have to get admission in a college but we don’t fulfill the requirements and submit our papers, our application will not be accepted. Just missing a single step can result in a disaster. This is why we get told by our parents and teachers to always double check. When you finish an exam, double check to make sure you didn’t skip a question or missed a page. When filling a form, double check to make sure you didn’t leave a category empty. However, when stakes are higher, double checking isn’t enough. When we hand over the task to a professional, it is not up to us to oversee their work. But we have to make sure that all boxes are checked regarding the requirements before we choose to trust a professional.

10 Important Points to Watch for When You Request Translated Birth Certificate:

When someone is applying for immigration, there are many things they have to do in order to get their application accepted. They have to provide their personal documents, fill out the application form, and appear for the interview when called. Each step of the process is equally important and there is no room for mistakes. One thing that people have to do for their immigration is get their birth certificate translated. Until it is in the language of the country where they want to immigrate to, the people at the immigration office will not be able to review it and accept your application.

translated birth certificate

However, this is not just any translation. Many people make mistakes at this step and end up with a rejected application. This checklist will help you avoid the mistakes they made. Here are the ten points to watch for when you are requesting a translation of your birth certificate:

  1. Certified Translation:

You will need a certified translation for your immigration application. It must be accompanied by a signed statement of the translator that it is accurate and complete. A regular translation will not be accepted by immigration offices.

  1. Complete Information:

The translation should not be a summary of your birth certificate. It should include all the information listed in the original document. If the two documents are placed side by side, the language should be the only difference.

  1. Qualified Translator:

Interpretation of birth certificate is not something that anyone can do, this is why you need to make sure the person you are hiring for the job is qualified enough to handle it.

  1. Avoid Online Tools:

No matter how many times you have gotten accurate translation from Google, it is not suitable for official documents and especially not for a birth certificate when you have to present it to the immigration office.

  1. Experienced Professional:

The person handling your birth certificate should have enough experience in the field. They must know what they are doing or they will mess up your document and your immigration application.

  1. Ask About the Charges:

When you are in need of something, service providers can trick you into paying them more than necessary. This is why it is better to ask about the price beforehand. If they ask for extra high charges, look for another service provider. There are plenty of good translators who offer their services at affordable rates.

  1. Know What You Need:

You must know exactly what type of translation do you need. Should it be notarized or have an apostille? If the answer is yes to either of these things, you must let your interpreter know. Most service providers will be able to help you with these things too. Make sure to share your needs with them beforehand.

  1. Check the Samples:

Even if you don’t know much about certified translations, ask your service provider for samples. If they show you interpretations side by side with original documents, you can rest assured that they are good at their job.

translated birth certificate
  1. Read Reviews:

Check out the reviews left by previous clients about the services of a professional. Although it will be difficult to distinguish which ones are about birth certificate interpretation, if they have overall good reviews, it means they will do justice to all types of translations. You can also talk to your friends and family who have immigrated to foreign countries in the past. They will be able to guide you towards the right service provider.

  1. Ask About the Delivery:

If you want to get the translation in post, make sure your service provider knows that. Ask them about the delivery straightaway and if they have both post and mail option, that means they will be able to accommodate you according to your needs. If they ask you to pick up the translation from their offices, that means they won’t accommodate you and you should choose a better service provider.

Once a translation agency ticks all the boxes with positive answers, you can go ahead and hire their services. You can rest assured that someone who fulfills all these criterions will be able to provide you with quality translations at affordable rates. You can also choose an independent translator but it is a lot better to go with an agency. They will have multiple experts in their team. They can connect you with the right professional for the job.

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