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Why is notarization needed? Where can I see a notarized translation sample?

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There are times when notarization is needed for specific documents. This article answers questions: Why is notarization required, and Where can I see a notarized translation sample?

Why is notarization needed?

You just got your Translation certified, and your travel agency has advised you to get your Translation notarized. You are boiling inside, and you want to find a way to prove to them that the notarization of the Translation is unnecessary. Certified Translation is sorry to see you angry and worked up, but we must add to your misery and agree with your evil immigration advisers. You sometimes do need to get your Translation notarized!

why is notarization needed

Why is notarization needed?

You have heard the usual line, a notarized translation is required because the translator will get a stamp from the notary public office and be deemed more credible.

Did you find that not very convincing? Let us convince you; when a translator’s certificate of authentication is presented to a legal or governmental office, the government’s office automatically becomes obligated to verify that the certificate is real. The translator did provide the client with the certificate. If you place the burden of verification of the translator’s identity and credibility on the receiving office, they will find your Translation poor. Because now, they have to prove that the Translation is authentic. What is a notarized translation, and why is it needed?

The Notary Public’s job

When you take your Translation to a notary public office, they place a stamp on the Translation, then they make assurance to the receiver of the Translation that the translator himself did the translation.

As this assurance frees the department that receives the Translation to not worry about the Translation at all and review the contents of the Translation, that is why the receiving office very much appreciates the translation that comes with notarization.

notary public job

What does a notarized translation sample look like?

Notarized Translation is basically a regular translation that comes with a certificate of notarization that states that the notarization is done by the notary public, who takes responsibility for the translator’s credentials. We have placed a notarized translation sample on our notarized translation page.

Please note that there are many different kinds of notarization forms, and this is not an absolute example.

The things you should ask your translation agency

When you are placing a quote for notarization at a translation agency for the documents that you are getting translated, make sure you ask a couple of questions;

  • From which state are they getting the content notarized?
  • Review the signatures and details of the notary public and confirm if you can.

These steps can free you from getting scammed because you did not understand the process well. We are here to give you the cheapest translation services in town, guaranteed to be accepted by any institution in the US.

We have made this post so that you understand the procedure and the need for notarization to its full extent. You will be better served when you know what it looks like.

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