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What is a Certified Translation and the Requirements

People require a certified translation when they are applying for immigration. It is also required when a student applies for admission to a foreign university. But what exactly is a certified linguistic solution? It is a type of language service that is required by government bodies. It comes with a certificate of accuracy that is signed by the translator. Every government body has its own requirements certified translation. If they are not fulfilled, then the translation will not be accepted by the authorities.

People have a lot of misconceptions regarding certified language solutions. But if they follow the instructions specified by a government agency or university’s admission board, they will know what kind of translation they have to get. After that, they can look up translation agencies and assign the task of translating their documents to the best company.

It is important to mention that there are different types of document translations. Certified solutions are only needed when people have to submit their documents to USCIS or apply to a foreign college for admission. Although all agencies can provide translation services, not all of them can help you with official records. Like a birth certificate translation certified. So, it is important to consider these things before hiring a service provider.

What are the requirements for a certified translation?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to immigrate to a foreign country. Each country has its own immigration laws. If you want to immigrate to the U.S., then you can learn about the prerequisites from the website of USCIS. One of the conditions that immigration applicants will have to fulfill is to submit the certified English translations of their official records like birth certificates and marriage certificates. But USCIS has specific requirements certified translation that every applicant must fulfill. Here is the type of translation you will need to apply for immigration to the U.S.:

  1. Accuracy:

You must submit an accurate translation of your birth certificate if you don’t want the immigration authorities to reject your application. A certified English translation is only valid if it is 100% accurate. Only qualified and experienced translators can provide you with a high-quality certified translation. A professional translator who has no experience in handling birth certificates will not be able to deliver the kind of translation you require.

  1. Certifications:

The translation must come with a certificate of accuracy signed by the translator. The certificate acts as proof that the translation is accurate and complete. In most cases, the certificate is signed by translators. But sometimes, a translation company may add their seal on the certificate. If the agency has been certified by ATA, then the seal will hold more value.

  1. Native Expert:

Native translators are the ones who can translate texts with hundred percent accuracy. It is important to hire native experts when you require certified translations. Even if you require legal translation or medical translation, it is important to hire native experts. The agencies that only hire native experts are the ones you can trust with your most important translations.

Questions About Certified English Translations:

When people apply for US immigration for the first time, they get confused by the requirement to submit a translation of their birth certificate. There are a lot of questions that come to an applicant’s mind regarding the type of translation they are required to submit. Here are the most common questions that an immigration applicant needs to know the answers of which are important for Requirements for Certified Translations:


Do I need to hire a certified translator for birth certificate translation?

It is true certified translators are highly qualified. They have to clear a highly complex ATA exam to become certified. There aren’t a lot of certified linguistic experts in the translation industry. However, there are plenty of qualified linguistic experts in the industry who can provide you with any type of translation. You do not need to hire a certified translator for the translation of your official records. You can get an accurate English language translation of your birth certificate from a good agency, and it will be accepted by the immigration authorities. But it is important to remember that you don’t need a native speaker of the source language when you require a translation. The translator should be a native speaker of the target language.

Only then will they be able to provide you with the best translations. You need to know what to do if you need to have an English translation of your Birth Certificate.

What is the cost of a certified English birth certificate translation?

When people apply for immigration, they have to take care of a lot of expenses. In such a situation, when they have to worry about the translation cost too, it can affect them negatively. However, they don’t really have to worry about the translation cost because all the good agencies have affordable rates. There are a lot of companies that overcharge their clients. But these are not the companies you should be dealing with. The agencies that have their prices listed on their website and offer free quotes in advance are the ones that you can trust. If you hire a good agency, you won’t have to pay more than $20 for the certified translation of a record that has less than 200 words. Even for papers that have more than 200 words, you will only have to pay $0.10 per word. If you do proper research when hiring an agency, you will be able to find a good one that won’t charge you unfairly.


How long does it take to get a certified English language translation?

Time can be of the utmost importance when you are applying for immigration. Sometimes, students have to catch a quickly approaching deadline when applying for admission to a foreign university, and the only task left is the translation of their school transcripts. In such a situation, people can’t wait for days to get the translation that they require. There are companies that take a long time to finish working on a single translation. They ask for a week’s time to finish working on a single record. Freelance translators also require days to finish working on a paper. But if you hire a good agency, you won’t have to wait more than 24 hours to get the translation you require. You can also ask them for an urgent solution and get the translation within a couple of hours of placing your order. A reliable service provider will not only deliver the translation within a couple of hours but also won’t charge you extra for this service.

How do I know if a translator is certified?

In the US, ATA conducts exams for linguistic experts who want to get certified. The exams are offered in different language combinations each year. A translator must be a member of the American Translators Association first if they want to appear for the exam. The exams are very tough, and the majority of applicants fail every year. But those that clear the exam get an ATA-certified translator seal. The language combination of the translator is mentioned on the seal. The translator can use this seal on the certificates of accuracy. If you want to know whether or not a translator is certified, you can ask to see their seal. Every translator certified by ATA has the seal. Requirements for a Certified Translation is very important to know!

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