Spanish Language and Immigration

What Does Certified In Spanish Mean?

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2024)

Millions of people in the world dream of becoming citizens of the United States one day. However, not all of them get to fulfill this dream. Even if you can afford to move to a foreign country, you must fulfill many requirements. From preparing your visa application to buying travel insurance, there are many things that people have no prior experience with, which is why they can make mistakes. Many people don’t know how important immigration documents are. Some of them end up applying for immigration without gathering all of their documents first.

The Spanish Language and Immigration:

The official language of Spain is spoken all over the Americas. It is also a popular language in the United States. But the reason it is important for immigration to the US is not because of its connection with Spain. It is officially recognized in more than twenty countries, and one shares its borders with the US. Most United States immigrants come from Mexico and other Latin American countries. This is why the certified translation of the Spanish language is so important.

One of the most important official documents for immigration is a birth certificate. If an individual does not have one, their application will not be accepted by USCIS. But if they do have a birth certificate that is not in English, they will have to submit its certified translation along with their application.

When to Get a Certified Translation

What Does Certified in Spanish Mean?

When someone from Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country applies for US immigration, they must submit certified translations of their personal documents like a marriage certificate and a police record. Being certified in Spanish can mean several things. If a translator is certified in Spanish, they took an English-to-Spanish certification exam and cleared it. It could also mean a certified Spanish to English official translation.

How to Get Spanish to English Certified Translation

How to Get Spanish to English Certified Translation?

If you need Spanish to English-certified translation, then you should get in touch with a translation company. Make sure they only hire native speakers as translators because only then will they be able to provide you with high-quality translation work. Once you know about a language services provider, you can send them a scanned copy of your original documents. You will have to provide basic information like the target and source languages. Don’t forget to mention that you need the certified translation for immigration purposes. Then, a qualified translator will begin the certification process.

They will prepare their signed document when they finish your translation project. They will add their certified translator seal to their statement if the translator is certified. Sometimes, agencies put their official seal on the signed document. Once the certification letter is ready, the translated document will be handed over to you. You won’t need to go to a notary public for certified translation. Once you receive the official translation, you can submit it to USCIS with your immigration application. If the certification statement has the official seal of the agency, then your application will get accepted.

To obtain Spanish-to-English certified translation, individuals should seek Spanish translation services provided by human translators with linguistic competence and Spanish language certification to ensure accuracy and proficiency across a wide variety of language combinations. It’s crucial to provide clear and concise instructions, especially for translating grammatical structures and basic phrases found in academic documents or business documents required by law firms or the federal government. Additionally, preparing for oral exams or exit exams may enhance language proficiency and open up career options within the translation industry. Developing a career path in translation involves consistent practice and satisfying the needs of regular customers by delivering translations free of grammatical errors.

When to Get a Certified Translation?

Although most people require certified translations so they can submit their immigration application with the proper documents, it isn’t the only use of this linguistic service. Sometimes, a person may need a money order translated and certified in Spanish so they can show it to their business partner in Spain. Sometimes, a divorce decree or criminal records also have to be translated before they can be submitted to a government agency.

Visa application requirements can differ in the European Union than in the United States. People can be asked to submit certified translations of their criminal records, financial statements, and medical records. If a native citizen sponsors a family member, they must present proof of their relationship. For instance, a marriage certificate is necessary to sponsor their partner. But the rules are different everywhere. People can contact the Consulate before they begin preparing their visa application.

The certification requirement is also a part of legal translations. Legal records and court transcripts in a foreign language must be presented to the court with certified translations. Sometimes, a notarized translation might be required in court, in which case, you will have to visit the office of a notary public to get their help. But if you hire a good translation agency, you won’t have to go to the notary public yourself. You will get a notarized translation delivered to your mailbox directly.

If you have to get an Apostille translated, you will need certification, too. If you order an electronic copy, you can download it on your computer and print it out. But if you need a hard copy, you can pay the postal charges and deliver it to your house.

What is a Certified Translation?

The translation industry provides different types of services. The most popular one has to be the certified translation, which is often required by immigration authorities. USCIS clearly mentions in its requirements that every legal document not in English must be accompanied by its certified translation. It is a linguistic service in which the translator crafts a statement to attest to the quality of their work. They add their signature and contact details on the statement. This statement is also known as the certificate of authenticity.

Certified translation involves the precise translation of documents by professional translators with native Spanish language skills, cultural competency, and official certification. These translators undergo rigorous training in certificate programs to ensure exact translations and adhere to a quality control process within the language industry. Certified translations require linguistic proficiency and a thorough understanding of cultural nuances and context. By providing outstanding service, certified translators maintain a high level of proficiency and offer accurate translations that meet official standards, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the translated content.

Who is qualified to translate a foreign-language document into English?

Since people must get every foreign language document translated into English, they must search for the right service provider. It is important to remember that they don’t need a certified or sworn translator. Any qualified expert can provide them with the service that they require. However, hiring a well-known translation agency is better than hiring a freelance translator. A translation company with plenty of experience in the field can provide high-quality, certified translation services.

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