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What Is A Summary Translation

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2023)

There are a lot of talents that we don’t understand the value of and take for granted. Being able to catch everyone’s attention when you are telling an ordinary story, is not something that everyone can accomplish. There are people who don’t know how to shorten something for people but they still end up entertaining everyone with the way they narrate events. They are the type everyone goes to for hearing about an event. But with each passing year, we are getting busier with our lives. No one has the time to sit around and listen to someone talk for hours. When people used to sit around a fire and share stories was a different time period. In today’s world, they would rather listen to audiobooks while on the movie instead of reading a physical book at home.

Things that take a lot of time to reach their conclusion are still important. People still watch movies that are longer than three hours and read books that have over six hundred pages. But there are stories that deserve six hundred pages and then there are those that can be concluded in a hundred and fifty pages. More often than not, people don’t realize the difference between the two types and start prolonging the story for no reason at all. That’s why they lose the interest of their readers. No one likes it when a writer drags a story.

This rule isn’t limited to the world of books and movies. Public speakers also have to keep their audience in mind and not waste too much of their time. Every time someone starts boring their audience, they will be booed at and lose control of the environment. Even in official settings, there are short and long versions of documents and both types are useful in different situations. But summarizing things is not that easy and anyone who has ever had to do that in English class would agree with the statement.

summary translation

What is a Summary?


Writing a summary is not something that anyone can do without practice. If your grade depends on it then you can rest assured that it is something complicated. It isn’t just about reading a chapter or poem and writing its central idea. It is about deciding which parts of the original text are important enough to be mentioned in the summary. It is a short version of the original text in a sense that one can read it and understand the story or poem that was summarized completely.

summary translation

Summaries are not only important in academic life. In fact, if you learn to do them the right way in school, it will help you a lot during the rest of your life. Sometimes in business, the head of a department or the company cannot read a 15-page document. Therefore, they will ask an employee to read the document and tell them the important parts. If the employee never paid attention in English class, they may not be able to summarize the document properly.

When your audience is already bored and you have to tell an uninteresting story, summarizing it is your best option. This way, you will be able to tell them all the important details without taking too much of their time.

What is a Summary Translation?

Both a shortened version of a story and translation do the same thing, they explain something to people who don’t have a lot of time. People may also not have an interest in the thing being discussed but will need the short version due to the importance of the topic. In either case, summaries are important and help a lot of people just like translation. Without language services, a lot of people will be lost, not knowing who to talk to or how.

The language barrier would have drove people insane if there was no way for us to interpret each other. But thankfully, we have translation which is very helpful for all of us. Even businesses rely heavily on translation and turn to it each time they have to open shop in a new territory or get foreign audience interested before a launch. There are times when companies need exact translations. They cannot miss anything in the original document and want to know everything that is written on it. Skipping some detail from such a document can be harmful for the company which is why the translation has to be complete and accurate.

Then there are instances in which companies only require summary translation. In this type, the translator reads the original document, collects the important points from it, and translate it into the language of their client. This way, the client can read the short version of a huge document and get all the information they needed from the original file. This is a very efficient way of businesses to save time.

Companies have to deal with plenty of documents every day. Once their foreign branch flourishes, they will have to handle those papers too, which are in a different language. Getting a qualified professional translator to not only interpret them but also summarize them is the best option and it will be extremely helpful to companies. A lot of companies get summary translations nowadays and only get full interpretation of very important documents. If you run a business in a foreign country and are tired of getting dozens of documents translated that contain both useless and helpful data, start getting summary translations.

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