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When Do You Need a Certified Japanese Translator?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Japanese Language

The Japanese language is the third most difficult language. It has its own particular set of rules and customs that can be quite different from those of other languages like English or Spanish. A certified Japanese translator understands the technical aspects of translating Japanese and the cultural nuances and social situations that come up when translating between two cultures as diverse as those of Japan and the United States. Below, you’ll find five situations in which it’s highly recommended to find a quality translation service to hire a certified Japanese translator rather than an unqualified one.

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Do I Need a Certified Translator for my Japanese Document?

Whether or not you need to use a certified Japanese translator depends on the purpose of your document. Types of Documents you are required to provide translations for: Education (higher education, elementary, secondary, high school), Book translations, medical translation, technical translation, or official documents like Birth certificate, marriage certificate.

The judicial system (court proceedings, prison visits) Certain government positions (criminal investigations, visa applications) Business meeting with Japan, documents from tourism, and many other technical document translation, then specific criteria must be met. In these instances, it is important to consult with someone who can confirm the translation meets all the necessary requirements.

What to Look For in a Certified Translator

When hiring someone to help with your Japanese translations, there are certain things you should look for in a professional translator. The most important thing to note is that it’s not enough to have someone who is both an English speaker and a native language speaker. To get a truly accurate translation, it’s very important to have someone with expertise in Japanese and the target language who is also certified by an organization such as JLPT or the Japan Association of Translators and Interpreters.

How Is Quality Assured in Certified Professional Translation Services?

Most certified translation services have a procedure in place to ensure high-quality translations. Firstly, your translation is proofread by a second translator. Secondly, a certificate of authenticity or quality control is stamped on every document that a certified agency has translated. While this is how translation agencies generally work, you can always ask them how they ensure you get a high quality certified translation service. If you need translation for your marriage certificate we can help you. Read this blog post to know in-depth: Requirements Japanese marriage certificate translation template.

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Process of Translating (Japanese) Documents

Some documents and legal procedures require translation by a sworn Japanese language professional in Japan. The two main types of translators who can perform these translations are as follows: Translators who have obtained or been issued a certification to be sworn translators in accordance with national standards; and translators who are foreign nationals and have passed examinations certifying them as knowing equivalent to that of sworn translators. A certified Japanese translator is required for official and legal purposes.

Because Japanese differs from other common alphabetic languages such as English and French due to its use of Chinese characters (or kanji), it must be accurately rendered into English using appropriate kanji calligraphy skills alongside translation ability. Every translator has its own way of working. As long as they are certified, you can be assured your documents are in good hands.

Tips on Choosing the Right Certified Translator

If your project requires translating something written in Japanese, it is crucial to make sure that you have chosen an experienced and reliable Japanese language translation agency.

This does not just mean that they have experience translating from Japanese into English (or vice versa), but also that they are highly familiar with Japanese culture. This is because many things in written Japanese may sound very different when translated literally into English. Do your research and don’t hesitate to contact the agencies directly. They should be eager to help you answer any doubts or concerns.

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Is there a need for Japanese translators?

Yes, getting a translator for your business or personal documents is necessary. The experienced translators have in-depth knowledge about the Japanese and the English language to provide English translation from Japanese and vice versa.

What does it take to be a Japanese translator?

You need to have fluency in both Japanese and English, speaking and writing.

What is the best Japanese/English online translator?

FluentU is the best app for Japanese-English translator. It can be helpful for beginners to advanced level learners.

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