Immigration and the United States

Why is the United States So Desired for Immigration

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2021)

The population of the world is divided into 195 countries. All of these countries are different in various aspects. Some of them are known for their cold climate, while others face hot weather around the year. Some of them are ethnically diverse, while others have homogenous populations. The wealth of the world is also divided unequally among all of these countries. Some of them have made remarkable economic progress, while others are struggling with issues like poverty and corruption. Some countries are struggling with internal conflicts and wars, while others have very low crime rates.

Why Do People Immigrate?

Since some countries have to face a lot of problems and cannot provide basic facilities to their citizens, many people immigrate to other states so they can live a peaceful and happy life. Here are the biggest reasons why people immigrate:

  1. Financial Stability: People who live in states where job opportunities are non-existent, and citizens don’t enjoy tax benefits decide to move to other countries so they can secure their future.
  2. Safety: No one wants to live or raise their children in a warzone. But sometimes, the only way to escape a warzone is by leaving it. This is why people decide to move to peaceful locations with their families.
  3. Freedom: Sometimes, people cannot be who they are or practice their beliefs because of a tyrant regime. If they wish to live freely, then they have to move to a country where they are offered more freedom.
  4. Study: People who wish to study in a well-known university cannot do so in their homeland due to a lack of good academic institutes. But if they move to a foreign country, they can not only get to study in the institute of their choice, but they can also get better job opportunities.
Why is the United States So Desired for Immigration

Immigration and the United States:

The US has always been the top choice of people for immigration. Throughout the years, millions of people have immigrated to the US. They continue to contribute to the economy of the US. Today, it is impossible to picture the US without its immigrants because they are as much a part of the population as the native citizens.

There are various ways of immigrating to the US, but people can only reap the benefits of becoming an American citizen if they do it legally. Although the process is complicated and a lot of applicants get rejected every year, it is still the best option for those who wish to become American citizens.

Why is the United States So Desired for Immigration?

There are so many countries in the world with strong economies that offer the basic human necessities to their citizens. They not only have good per capita income but also give their citizens the freedom to live their lives freely. However, the US continues to be the most desired location for immigration. Why is it that people ignore places like Norway, Sweden, and New Zealand and decide to immigrate to the US instead? The answer to this question is not very simple.

Here is why the United States is so desired for immigration:

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  • Career Opportunities:

The American Dream is not just a concept but a reality for many people who immigrated to the US and ended up becoming financially successful. Career and business opportunities in the US are endless. The country is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, which is why people of different fields can apply for jobs here. And if they are qualified and hardworking, they can easily grow in their industry.

  • Personal Freedoms:

America is known for offering personal freedoms to its citizens. They can practice their beliefs in peace. They can also be whoever they want to be without the fear of persecution. People are not targeted by the state for their beliefs or lifestyle.

People living in countries where minorities are targeted by both the state and the population wish to become American citizens, so they don’t get attacked for their beliefs. After becoming American citizens, they will be protected by the state.

  • Favorable Image:

The US has a favorable image in the outside world. Hollywood movies and American TV shows have made foreigners fall in love with the US and what it can offer them. People want to live the same life that characters in movies and tv shows are living in the US.

People from sub-Saharan Africa wish to move to America because they have seen glimpses of prosperity that they don’t get to see in their homelands. They wish to improve their financial situation by moving to the US.

  • Close Ties:

The US has close cultural and historical ties with all the Latin American countries. This is the biggest reason why people from these countries want to move to the US. Liberia and the Philippines also have close ties with America, which is why a significant percentage of these countries’ population wishes to move to the US.

If you are planning to immigrate to the US, then you should follow the proper guidelines. You should gather your documents in advance, so you don’t have to worry about them at the last minute. You will also have to get your birth certificate translated into English by qualified professionals. It is important that you get certified translations of your documents; otherwise, the authorities will reject your application. Find the right linguistic experts to get accurate translations.

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