checklist scholarship

Checklist Scholarship and Get Your Certified Translation Done

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2021)
Checklist Scholarship

Everyone remembers their first salary and the first time they were able to buy their own grocery and pay their bills with their money. Before we begin working, we rely on our parents for everything and they take care of us without complaining. Whether it is our school fees or money for new clothes, our parents pay for all of our needs. Not to mention we get to live under their roof without having to pay rent or any bills. This is a blessing that we don’t appreciate until we enter the real world as an adult and have to look after ourselves.

The world outside our parents’ house is pretty scary. It is not as easy to earn money and take care of expenses as we thought it was when our parents were the ones making money and paying all the dues. But in adulthood, we learn to make better decisions, sometimes by looking at our elders and most of the times after making bad decisions. We learn from our mistakes more than anything else. Once you graduate high school, the world starts moving too quickly to keep up with. There are a lot of things to keep in mind, a lot of decisions to make, and plenty of things to do.

When people become independent enough to make efforts for their future, they also want to pay back their parents in different ways. After all, they do more for us than anyone else in our lives and continue to do for the rest of our lives. Even after leaving home, we can count on our parents to have our back and help us through problems. But rarely we get a chance to do something for them. Even if we try to go out of our ways to do things for them, they tell us that we don’t have to. Sometimes we get to do things for our parents and achieve something more than satisfaction along the way. There is nothing in life better than such moments. For instance, when you got a position in class, you proved to your parents that you are worthy of all the money they had spent on your education, but also achieved academic excellence at the same time.

Although all of a child’s successes bring their parents immense happiness, there is something special about academic achievements. They show how much their child worked hard to make them proud. One way through which kids make their parents happy while improving their future prospects at the same time is by getting scholarships.

checklist scholarship

How to Get Scholarships?

checklist scholarship

A scholarship is a financial aid that is awarded to students on the basis of academic or other achievements. When a student gets a scholarship, they don’t have to pay the fees. Due to it being dependent on academic excellence, not every student gets it. This is why it is very special when someone does. Not only getting a scholarship is the source of immense happiness for a student but also for their parents.

But good grades or excellent performance at rugby are not enough to get a scholarship. You have to follow a proper procedure and get ready a bunch of documents. Here is a checklist of papers you will need for a scholarship:

  1. Carefully filled scholarship application form.
  2. Copies of your transcript and diplomas (if applicable).
  3. Copy of passport, if you are applying for a foreign country, or the copy of your ID.
  4. At least one recommendation letter. It is better to have two in case you get asked for a second one.
  5. Statement of purpose is probably the most important document when applying to a university for admission or for scholarship. In 400 words, you must tell the administration why you are applying for the course and how it will help you in your future. Explain your goals and also briefly describe yourself to show how you would fit in their institute.
  6. Attaching your CV is very important whether you have any job experience or not. List down your hobbies and skills. Also mention the languages you can speak.
  7. Test scores of standardized tests. They will show the institute whether you are deserving of the scholarship or not.
  8. The university may also ask you to write an essay. If they do, follow all of their guidelines while writing it and don’t exceed the word limit.
  9. If you are applying for an art related degree, you will also be asked for your portfolio.
  10. Financial records of your parents.
  11. A medical report signed by an authorized official of your home country.

Certified Translations for Scholarship:

If you are applying to a foreign country where the official language is different from the one in your home country, you will need certified translations of your personal documents like diplomas, transcripts, passport, and medical report. Hire a qualified translator to handle these translations or the whole process will get messed up if you submit inaccurate translations. All of the documents should be accompanied by their certified translations when you are applying so the administration will have no problem understanding your details.

It is better to get certified translations done a while before applying for the scholarship so you don’t have to pay for urgent translations. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, find an expert translator today and get all your documents translated by them.

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